I startet with Modern Dance and Tango Argentino when I was 16 years old, with 21 years I startet with Jazz Dance and I joined a Jazz Company for 5 years. If I wasn’t at the university I was at the dance studio for sure – that was basically my second home and my dance company was my second family. I spent so much time with all these girls, preparing and rehearsing for a lot of dance shows. It was a wonderful time and experience which I did not want to miss!!! Also I was a background dancer for a Tina Turner Tribute Show for 4 years. It was an awesome time and I really do miss being and performing on stage! I also started with Reggeaton and High Heels Dance for a few months. But shortly after I moved to Munich where I didn’t really connect to the dance community we moved to the United States.

I tried a few dance studios here but it was just not what I was looking for. But instead I found Yoga and Barre3 which fills my heart such as dancing. I will definitely start to dance someday again but for now I found some new routine that works so well for me and I am so grateful!!

Dancing is the best way to balance everyday life. When I dance I feel free and I can let go of anything. It is also a way of expressing feelings that you can not put into worlds. I just feel happy when I dance! 

Here are a few videos from the last years: (also visit my channel for other videos!)