About me


My name is Jasmin, I am 27 years old and married to my best friend and the love of my life, Mark – the best guy I’ve ever known. We moved to the US in May 2016 because of his Job. Currently we are located in Allentown, PA.

I love Schnitzel, Steak and Cheese Fondue, I honestly could eat those 3 meals every day – forever! Hands down! Actually I love all good food in general. I love spending time with my husband, my family and friends, exploring new places and having good food from anywhere in the world! My favorite place to spend a vacation is definitely at the beach – tanning in the sun, snorkeling around and exploring beautiful diving spots!

Mark and I love to travel the world together, but also we like watching a good action movie and have a relaxed evening at home. If you do like action movies, you should definitely watch 24 – The best action-political-thriller series on earth!!

I love dancing and good music and I’m addicted to Reggaeton and Bachata music – I barely hear anything else.

I never thought that I would ever live abroad but now that I am here, I want to share with you all our adventures and experiences through pictures and videos. You will find expat and lifestyle posts and also lots of travel tips on my blog.

Collecting moments with people you love and travel more to see a lot of beautiful places