My modeling journey

Ever since being a kid I loved playing dress up and wear my moms clothes. I had so much fun trying out all her dresses, accessories and high heels. When I was 8 years old I got my first modeling job. Someone from an agency asked my mom while we were strolling around H&M whether she’d be interested in letting me model for a kids clothing brand!

I remember my first photoshoots just vaguely but I remember exactly how I felt during and after the shoot. I was hooked from the first moment I stood in front of the camera! 

I had a few shoots every couple of months and it was so much fun! And being able to keep the clothes was even more appealing;) 

2014 I started to connect with more photographers and do a lot more photo shootings. And one thing led to another. I was represented by an agency in Stuttgart for a little while but I never really went ALL IN with modeling. I was mainly studying chemistry at the University and besides modeling I had another passion which was dancing. 

I was accepted at an agency here in Michigan, but with my limited time I decided to wait and maybe sign up when Noah is a little bit older. For now, I am happy to do a lot of collaborations and small paid projects. 

Being in front of the camera means so much more than just beautiful photos which is a nice outcome obviously and reassurance that I’m good at what I am doing. 

To me, standing in front of the camera is freeing my inner self, letting go of my daily responsibilities, slipping into other roles. I love flirting with the camera, being creative and having fun with likeminded talented people. 

I feel blessed and honored to have met so many talented photographers along my modeling journey. And I’m so happy that I can continue to share this passion with all these amazing photographers here in the US. Most of them have become my friends! 

Here are a few photos of my latest collab with two really talented ladies:

Headpiece by Niloo Rosi Design
Photo by Yana Benjamin Photo


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