Life Update | Noah’s 13 months

I can’t believe it’s already April. Noah is 13 months as of yesterday! There’s been a lot of changes over here which I am really happy about. 

My anxiety got much better and I barely have any depression symptoms anymore. It started getting better after I weaned Noah and he started sleeping through the night consistently, around mid January! I also started taking some CBD oil which helped so much with my anxiety. I might write a separate post about it. But in the mean time, go check it out by yourself if you’re curious. Use my code „JASMIN“ to get 10% off from NUVITA CBD oil! 

ALSO my nanny is back twice a week to watch to boys for a few hours which makes SUCH a difference. She’s the best and I consider her as a very good friend now. She does the most creative activities and the boys love spending time with her so much! Even Noah is getting SO used to her being around which I am really happy about because Raphael will start preschool in June! I signed him up for 5 half-days. Right now he goes to a gym-preschool class a few hours a week which he LOVES. He is talking about his friends all the time! 

We also started ditching the night diapers with Raphael 3 days ago and it’s going well so far. Since we’re just starting out I will probably write a more detailed post in a few months. 

Noah is sleeping well but I have the feeling that he’s in between nap transition, I feel like he needs 1.5 naps. For now I decided to keep him on a two nap schedule. hopefully for another month before slowly transition him to one nap. 

His schedule is still similar to the one I posted a few month ago. 

Wake up: 6:50 AM ~ 30 mins later soy milk 

Breakfast: 8:30AM

  1. Nap: 9:50AM – 11:00AM 

Lunch: ~ 12:15PM 

2. Nap: 2:00PM – 3:30PM 

Dinner: ~ 5:15PM 

Bedtime: 7:40PM (getting ready 7:20 (soy milk) 

He is a solid sleeper now and even if he’s not falling asleep right away he usually doesn’t cry. Except, when he’s teething. This is literally THE worst which is funny because Raphael never complained about his teeth ever. 

It’s so interesting to see how different kids can be.

We had so many issues with Raphael in the first year, with his head, his allergies, his reflux etc. I rocked him to sleep for over a year and we traveled a ton so there wasn’t much of a routine but also didn’t I know anything about wake windows in his first year. So Raphaels sleep was all over! 

Noah didn’t have any of those issues I mentioned above and he’s on a tight schedule since we’ve never traveled with him. He is super winy when it comes to teething. I had to give him Motrin a few times already. And he had a few rough months when he would scream for 1.5 hours at night?! He also wakes super early when he is going through leaps or when he is teething. Raphael never did that. We just had a hard time getting Raphael to sleep. Raphael was the worst eater. Noah kind of eats everything. While Raphael was puking at least twice a day, Noah had threw up maybe twice since he was born. When we thought Raphael was wiggly and a mover, little did we know that there’s a whole other level. Noah is literally on top of everything. He’s so smart and understands so much. He pushes boxes to where he wants to climb up. He brings me the ball, tiger, bear, snake, water bottle if I ask him and he shows me things when I name it. Raphael didn’t do that before he was 18 months?! I can’t even remember anymore, I know it was way later! Since we haven’t traveled anywhere with Noah he doesn’t like car rides at all, Raphael on the other hand LOVES to drive around. So it’s really true that every kid is different, we’re experiencing this first hand with Raphael and Noah! 

It’s getting warmer here and we’re spending a lot of time outside which is really nice after this long cold winter. 

Also I am getting my first shot tomorrow!! 

Just a quick update here, hope you have a nice day! 


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