COVID year | 2020

I was terrified thinking about juggling two little ones especially without having family close by. Neither was I looking forward to Mark’s business trips nor to his long drives to work. I always hated him being away. Even more ever since being a mom. Solo-parenting is so much harder when you live abroad! 

Luckily I started having a nanny coming over when Raphael was about 18 months old and it really went well. By the time I was bumping around with my big belly I had such great support from Meg a few times a week. 

I had it all figured out. Even though I was a little bit nervous I was convinced that I’d be fine with her helping me out and being around a little bit more when Noah was still little. I’ve also made some amazing mom friends and we were hanging out all the time and having play dates which helps breaking up the mornings! 

I knew – I’ve got this. 

On March 7th 2020 Noah came into this world. 5 days later they announced the lockdown and the first COVID case in Ann Arbor, MI. Mark went from 5 days vacation straight to home office. And he is doing home office ever since Noah was born. 

2020 was such a weird crazy year. We spent a lot of time at home, without seeing a lot of friends. Noah’s first year was so different to Raphael’s !! Looking back on 2020 I felt like we didn’t do a whole lot. We haven’t traveled anywhere, neither did our families come visit which still makes me really sad. We didn’t have a lot of play dates and Noah was never out for a any gathering with friends or shopping tours. I had such a hard year, being stuck at home, having the same days over and over again. But I had to realize that the last year wasn’t about what we did or didn’t do. It was about finding joy in the simple things. It was about staying connected with friends and family as much as possible – via video call. It was about being present in every moment and being grateful for what we have and knowing that it is enough.

I am hoping that I have the strength to keep going with more energy and positivity and that I can truly embrace whatever challenges may come in 2021. Hopefully it gets better sooner than later. 

Let’s be strong together, holding on to what we have because the really good days with friends and family IN PERSON are coming! 


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