5 meditation tips for beginners

Before I get into this topic I first want to say that I never pictured myself as someone who would ever meditate and certainly not on a regular base. I used to think meditation is for hippies and old people.

It has become an every day routine to keep me calm, grounded and balanced! 

It is so challenging to sit still these days, when everything is moving so fast in our world. We are constantly on the move. Running from one appointment to another. Checking off one to-do list after another. Taking care of people we love, and often times, the priority of taking care of ourselves drops further down the list. But it shouldn’t. Why? Because we can’t pour from an empty cup. So in order to take care of others, we first need to take care of ourselves. 

I’m not gonna lie, making meditation a routine is challenging.
Carving out that time for yourself especially when you have two little ones is not easy AT ALL. But I truly believe that it is so beneficial – for your mind, for your body and for your soul!

I had a rough start and I remember during my yoga certification when we had our first meditation together which was only 5 minutes, I really had a hard time sitting still. I thought these 5 minutes would never end. I felt restless and I had the urge to get up and move. It’s odd doing nothing and suddenly just concentrating on all the thoughts that are going through your mind. It took me practice to meditate for longer times but I can see how beneficial it is. So I want to share my experience with you.

Even if you think it’s not for you – it might be! You don’t know until you try and when was the last time you tried something new? Give it a try and thank me later.

Here are my 5 tips how to start with meditation: 

  1. Trust in YOUR journey without expectations
    My very first tip is to be patient with yourself and give it time, it’s a process.
    Set a goal of meditating 5 minutes every day. Start small and then work yourself up and you’ll eventually get to 30 mins a day. I personally like to meditate every day for shorter period of time (10-15 minutes). Don’t pressure yourself. Expectations about what will happen when you start to sit can be a big obstacle. Just let go of any idea about what you want from the practice and enjoy the present moment.
  2. Finding a comfortable position
    To be still for a certain amount of time a comfortable position is mandatory. I love laying down in my bed which made me fall asleep sometimes especially when I am exhausted. But I sometimes even use guided meditation to fall asleep when I suffer from insomnia.
    My most recent favorite is a kneeling position on my bamboo bench from Third Culture Living. I really enjoy meditate up right and this bench is supporting my body and helps me relax by not falling asleep! 
  3. Focus on your breath
    Try to keep your attention on your breath and bring it back there whenever your mind drifts away. Notice how it feels like when you take a big inhale through your nose and a long exhale out of your mouth. And just focus on that.
  4. Guided meditation & setting a timer
    I love guided meditation, it keeps my mind clear and keeps my thoughts into place. There are tons of meditation podcasts and apps out there.
    The most popular apps are probably headspace and inside timer which I am using every day!
  5. Create a calming space
    It doesn’t have to be a lot. A yoga mat, candles, diffuser, some plants maybe? A space where you can fully let go and be honest to yourself, a space where you can find calm in the midst of chaos, a space where you feel safe. You will experience a deep connection to your body and your mind by starting your meditation journey. The goal is to leave that space as a more balanced version of yourself which will help you making healthier choices throughout the entire day and finding confidence in your imperfections!
    If you have space setup you’ll be more likely to sit down and do the practice!  



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