Our routine with Noah

With 6 months we started to do nap training with Noah, which means we put him in his crib for nap time. Helping him learn how to fall asleep by himself for naps. He used to nap in the stroller (morning and evening) and in our bed (with me next to him) for the afternoon nap. When we started doing sleep training with 4 months I knew that I’d want to do “nap training” as soon as I could. It’s not recommended to do the training before they are 6 months of age and when they know how to put themselves to sleep for bedtime.
Somehow nap time is more challenging than bedtime.

So for “nap-sleep- training” we basically did the same thing as we did for “night-sleep-training”. It didn’t take too long and he got the hang of it and he definitely sleeps a lot better and longer stretches in his crib than when we’re outside with him. Sometimes he still fusses for a few minutes but would fall asleep shortly after. Since he was teething and going through a developmental leap I would still let him sleep in our bed sometimes, especially when he was in a lot of pain and just needed that extra mama love. Even though nap training was going really good he started waking more often at night – every 3-4 hours. He didn’t drink a lot during the night and wouldn’t drink first thing in the morning. So we decided to cut out his night feed which was THE BEST decision. Ever since he’s waking less (sleeps through the night sometimes), sleeping and napping better in general and nursing well in the morning!

Since 2 weeks he has been napping in his crib except for when we’re doing morning activities on the weekend – which is fun, but also really hard because he wouldn’t nap more than 30 mins, sometimes only 20 mins – and then I am a hot mess because he’s cranky and overtired but wouldn’t sleep – STORY OF MY LIFE. Mark always says I’m a schedule nazi. Maybe he’s right and maybe I could show more flexibly once in a while. But the only reason why I am so strict is because it’s not fun to deal with an overtired baby, neither for mom nor for baby. AND I really like my “me-time” (and the overlap of both babes napping is maybe 45 minutes when I am lucky!) when they’re asleep. As simple as that.

Back to his schedule:

7:30 AM: Wake time & Nursing

8:30 AM: Breakfast
Fruit/Grain Puree (80-100g)

10:00 – 11:30 1. Nap: Nursing right after he wakes up

12:30 PM: Lunch
Veggie/Meat sometimes fruit for dessert if he’s still hungry (usually 100g + )

2:00-3:30 PM 2. Nap: Nursing right after he wakes up.

6:00 PM: Dinner
Fruit & Grain Puree (80-100g)

7:30 PM: Bedtime (7:10 PM bedtime routine)

The goal for the night is 12 hours. I think Noah sleeps anywhere between 11 and 12 hours. He is getting enough sleep and is well rested when he wakes up which I am so happy about. Obviously he still wakes up at night sometimes, but so do we right? πŸ˜‰
The good things is that he now can get his pacifier back himself (and self-soothe himself!) which means we don’t have to go in a lot anymore. YAY!

The most challenging thing was dropping the third nap. We bounced back and forth between two and three naps for 2 weeks, which was rough. Droppings naps is always the HARDEST. When he woke up so early that he definitely needs a third nap (or his bedtime would be as early as 6 PM) but a third nap would push bedtime too late (9 PM -ish). We used to squeeze a cat nap (20-30 min) in but at the end he was constantly fighting that last nap so we had to drop it all together. His wake window between naps are 2.5 hours (sometimes 3 hours) and before bed usually 4 hours.
I am SO happy that he is on a solid 2 nap schedule now!

Also we lowered his crib matress to the lowest level because he’s starting to pull himself to standing, isn’t that so crazy? He isn’t even 7 months quite yet!

Anyways – this is our daily routine with Noah. I know every baby is difference but it’s nice to have an idea what a schedule (that works for another baby) could look like! Maybe it helps you figuring out your babies schedule.
Good luck and try to go with the flow and stay flexible – she said to herself πŸ˜‰

Hit me up if you want to know more, I am happy to chat about it!


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