Sleep training with Noah

This was the step I feared most. How do I sleep train a 4 months old when my 2 year old is sleeping right next door?! Raphael is such a good sleeper ever since we did the sleep training with him when he was 10 months old (this is how we sleep trained Raphael!)

So, I really didn’t want to mess with Raphaels sleep.

We had Noah in our room until he was almost 4 months old.
And the reason why we started sleep training him was because he started to fuss and scream when I tried to put him down for bed time. During the first 3 months he was super easy-going (most of the time!) and I usually just put him down, had to pop the pacifier in maybe once or twice before he’d fall asleep and nurse him twice a night or so.

If you haven’t read my first sleep training post I’d recommend you do so, since I explained it more detailed how we created a good routine for Raphael! I am by far not an expert – just sharing what we did and what works for us! So, here’s what we did with Noah:

Day 1:
I changed him, turned the white noise on, I nursed him, I put him in his pj’s. I turned on his lullaby music, rocked him a little and put him down – drowsy but awake. He’d start screaming immediately. We did the sleep training in our room in his bassinet. He cried for 40 minutes in total, we had to get him out twice to clean his nose. I sat in our bed next to the crib, crying, holding Marks hand. Mark gave him the pacifier a few times and tried to calm him down without picking him up. It was SO hard. For some reason it would make things worse when I tried to calm him (without picking him up). That’s why Mark did it!

Day 2:
Same routine – again 40 minutes of crying – both of us.

Day 3:
Same routine – no crying or fussing. He fell asleep on his own, pretty soon after I put him down! Whhhhhaaat? I couldn’t believe it. I took a shower and then crawled into bed next to him.

Day 4:
Same routine – cried for 10 minutes and then fell asleep on his own.

Day: 5
Same routine – BUT we put him in his own crib and room and I was super nervous. He fell asleep on his own pretty shortly after I put him down. I was so happy and could not believe it. I starred at the baby monitor a million times before going to bed.

Day: 6/7/8/9 Same routine – he fell asleep on his own.

Tho, I remember that one of those 4 days he skipped his last nap, and I had to put him down earlier than usually and obviously overtired because I tried so long to get him to nap. I think he cried for about 10 minutes and fell asleep. After 3 hours already he started crying and I nursed him. After that he slept through the night.

Ever since he is falling asleep by himself and most of the time it’s without going in one more time. I am only at talking about nighttime here. I didn’t tackle nap time yet! For some reason nap time is supposed to be harder and not recommended until they are 6 months old, he’s napping a lot in the stroller, or in our bed (snuggles!!!).

On July 7th when he turned 4 months he started to roll from back to belly and he had a hard time falling asleep because it was of course super exciting during bedtime to practice rolling and doing tummy time. But then he got stuck and couldn’t roll back (even tho he learned that skill at 2 months already?!) So the first 3 days after he learned how to roll to his belly, we had to go in 2-3 times to turn him back on his back for him to fall asleep. After 3 days he’d just fall asleep on his belly.

He loves to nap on his belly and now he’s sleeping a lot on his belly at night as well.

I honestly believe that this is so beneficial to our kids. Teaching them how to fall asleep by themselves. But I know it can be scary and overwhelming at first – I’ve been there and I talked to a lot of other moms who gave me helpful tips!

All I can say is that it worked for us! My children sleep a lot better – waking up well rested and happy! Raphael usually chats after waking up and waits for me to come and get him.

For nap time: Even if he is not napping, he is having quiet time in his room and I have a break and can take care of Noah (like 10000%). I hope he will continue to nap/having quiet time until he is at least 3 years old.

Right now we’re going through sleep regression but this is a story by itself…

If you want to know more or have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. I’d be happy to share more details with you! 🙂



  1. Jess
    August 20, 2020 / 3:22 pm

    Omg I could not do that! I cannot hear her cry! I’m preparing for second sleep training now. With Betty I used HWL method (this book: ) and I am super satisfied. It’s a CIO method that’s why I chose it. Although now I am not sure how to manage it with the second one – follow you and start the training in our room or use the training for room-transition?

    • Mini&Pingu
      August 20, 2020 / 3:25 pm

      It’s definitely trickier with the second because you are nervous waking your older. How old is your little one? We sleep trained early so I chose to do it in our room.

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