Hello, second wave

Day 120 quarantine over here, as of today!

In the US the daily new infection rate has almost doubled compared to early April and total confirmed cases more than tripled! I’m upset. Upset, because people don’t seem to take it seriously. I get it. It’s hard not to socialize and not being able to get together with friends, it’s hard not to see your family. My parents and sister, in-laws and sister in law all had to cancel their trip to the US. No one has seen Noah ever since he was born back in March. So believe me – it has not been easy for me either. And still am I not willing to risk my families health or the health of others. People are dying. And some people seem to not care about it. We’ve been in “public” places maybe twice with the kids and what I see, how this is handled makes me really sad and upset. How is it possible that there are more get togethers, more people without masks and more stores open than back in March. How could I ever be relaxed if I’d knew there’s just a slight change my kids could get sick!

Now this pandemic is even worse than a few months ago. If everybody would have stayed home the SARS-CoV-2 virus would have never gotten out of hand. As of today 3 Million cases in the US and 12 million globally – yes we ARE in the middle of the second wave. I miss doing “normal” things too but I will continue to take strict precautions that are needed until everyone is safe again. 

You might not get sick, but you can still get others sick – there are people dying, there are people risking there lives. And yet, there are still people running around without masks, meeting up with each other and pretend as if there is no virus spreading. Why would you put yourself and others at risk – even if there is just a tiny chance?! In my opinion it’s just irresponsible, ignorant and selfish. 

The only thing I can say here is please keep the 6 feet distance and wear your masks if you really have to go outside where you get in close contact with other people.

I know Raphael looks cute but what’s the point, when you “wear” your mask like this?! 



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