Day 100 of quarantine | Life update

It’s been 100 days since we started to self quarantine ourselves. I’ve been to the grocery store maybe 3 or 4 times during that time, haven’t seen a lot of people and if so still with the distance of 6 feet and mask. I’ve struggled a lot in the beginning and if somebody would have told me back then that I’d go longer then 2 month under quarantine I would have never believed it!

Even though I’ve gotten into a good routine with my 2 boys I feel like it’s getting harder again – after almost 4 months. The good thing is that Mark is doing home office which means that he is able to have lunch with us which by the way is THE best and so incredibly helpful especially when I have to put Raphael down for a nap!

Some days are so long and I just wish for a little bit of “normality” again. I really miss my friends. I miss going to classes and play dates. I miss taking that “me-time” such as going to a fitness class or getting a massage.

I can’t believe Noah is almost 4 months old but nobody has seen him in person yet. Also my parents and in-laws aren’t able to come see him and Raphael which makes me really sad. Not being able to see friends and family is so hard. Also Raphael gets bored being around me all day and especially now that he has to share my attention with his little brother. He is doing such a good job playing on his own and is still very patient with me when I have to take care of Noah! And I feel like we are a pretty good team in rocking those long covid-days.

Everyday is kind of the same but we’re trying to get out with the kids as much as we can and trying to shake things up a little to keep them happy and entertained. But for me – it’s basically taking care of the kids, cleaning, getting the laundry done, cooking and trying to stay sane without seeing friends. Being quarantined for a few month helped me figuring out a few things and made me realize that we don’t need much. I’ve gotten so much better with our food inventory and planning our meals since I am “trapped” at home most of the time. We are going out for walks around the neighborhood during the week, but that’s about it. The most important thing is that my family is healthy and we have a safe place to stay and I’m kind of proud doing it all by myself – day by day – without any help from family and friends (at least during the day – thank god Mark is there in the evening!) I couldn’t picture myself as a mom of two when I was pregnant and now I’m in the middle of it, rocking (at least sometimes ;)) the covid-days without being able to go on playdates and classes – and Noah is almost 4 months!

Even though things are challenging and I’m at home and around my kids 24/7 since my nanny isn’t coming anymore, it’s also amazing to see how I am growing into this role as a mother of two. How things has changed since Noah was born. How we as a family of 4 went through all different emotional stages together. Obviously I couldn’t do all that without Mark – who btw is a badass dad and husband. I feel so blessed to witness every second of my kids during that time and see the amazing development that Raphael has made ever since Noah was born. He went from talking a few words to really communicating with us. I remember him had a throwing and hitting phase for 2-3 weeks (Around 2 years and 2 months) which was awful and so hard on me because it seemed like nothing would help. Luckily he is over that. I am so amazed by all the things he is able to do now. He’s counting, spelling words and can say the ABCs. We’ve been outside a lot and Raphael loves to ride his balance bike, playing with water, and exploring the woods.
Raphael is an incredible big brother and I can’t wait for them to play together which won’t be anytime soon, apparently – but soon enough!

” The days are long but the years are short” – Gretchen Rubin

Noah is growing and is such a big boy. He weighs over 15 pounds and isn’t even 4 months yet. Unfortunately he’s going through a nursing strike right now and I am having a hard time nursing him, the only thing that works is nursing while walking which is EXHAUSTING. I hope this phase will pass soon. Otherwise he’s doing well – growing, rolling and laughing a lot! We are planning on putting him into his own room and crib when he’s 4 months old, and I’m a little bit nervous about that. He’s still sleeping in his bassinet next to our bed.

… so just the normal covid-days over here.
We’re happy for our family and that we all are healthy.

Take good care of yourself and your loved ones.

Here are a few phone shots from our every day life!




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