Noah’s Birth Story

When Noah decided to show up on the day of his baby sprinkle.

It was Saturday, March 7th 2020. A Saturday like any other, so we thought. I woke up finding some small blood spotting in my underwear but didn’t really put much thought into it. 

After breakfast Mark and Raphael left the house for a grocery shopping tour and I started cleaning the house.

At around 10:45 AM I started having regular contractions about 5-6 minutes apart. Not even 1h later they already came every 3-4 minutes and were much more intense. I called Mark and also I texted my girlfriend and my nanny, just to let them know what was going on and that we might have to go to the hospital – at some point. But since I wasn’t super sure if it was the real deal yet, I continued cleaning our bathrooms. Not even 10 minutes later I realized it was definitely serious. This baby was ready to come out and we should better hurry up. I called Mark again and said that we need to go to the hospital SOON and that he should head home. I was preparing lunch and planned on feeding Raphael, putting him to bed for his nap and getting ready after, to head to the hospital. 

12:30 PM
When they got home I was already bending over the counter top. After Mark told me twice to call my girlfriend to come over to watch Raphael and I didn’t respond because I thought there was still time I realized that there wasn’t. 

Luckily she was already on her way here when I gave her a call. 5 minutes later she arrived and I almost ran to the car. Mark got our hospital bag and we headed straight to the hospital. 

With every contraction it got more and more intense. I was holding on to the handle of the car. Trying to stay focused. Taking deep breaths to get through each contraction. 

1:00 PM 
After arriving at the hospital they checked my dilation and the nurse told us that I was already 7 almost 8 cm dilated. “That must have been an interesting car ride” she said. While she was monitoring my blood pressure and heart rate, they tried to figur out which room was available. “You are the most in-controlled 7 cm I’ve ever seen.” She said. I laughed and before I could respond the next contraction hit me. 

They checked me into a room and when we got there, I noticed a handful maybe even more people in this room getting ready for Noah to come. The next time she checked on me I was 8 something cm – so still a few more contractions to go. 

1:30 PM
I knew I was getting closer. I looked at the clock thinking about if Raphael was already asleep. I even asked Mark about it and he said Raphael was already sleeping (…which he wasn’t. I found out later – lol)

I was trying my best not to bear down. I have to say this time I was so much more in control than when I was in labour with Raphael. The last time the doctor checked on me, she said “Almost there! But there’s still this thin cervix layer which isn’t gone completely”

The last 5 contractions were SO painful. I was holding on to Marks arm each time a contraction came. He helped me getting through the pain and gave me some water in between the contractions.

At some point I was just screaming “I have to push” and I just heard her saying “OK – if you need to push, you need to push.” She didn’t even finish the sentence and I was already pushing because I couldn’t hold it back any longer. I didn’t even know if I was supposed to push yet – I just did. 

It was one really long push… and just like that, Noah was there! 

At 2:02 PM he first opened his eyes into this world! They put him on my chest right after he came out. He looked like a squished turtle, with one eye still glued together. He latched on immediately and was already sucking his first milk as if he never did anything else. He was perfect!! I felt so much love, and I could feel my heart beating faster and faster – my heart is full! Now our family is complete.
Mark and I are beyond grateful!


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