2nd pregnancy and the challenges that come with it

30 weeks pregnant:
And already feeling all kinds of uncomfortable. I have to admit this pregnancy is much harder than the first. During my first trimester I suffered from nausea a lot which I haven’t had experienced when I was pregnant with Raphael. Luckily my second trimester was pretty smooth and I could work out and start to enjoy being pregnant again. At the end of my second trimester I started to have severe back pain, I went to see the doctor and got some physical therapy ever since – we found out that my right SI joint was bothering me (still is). Especially after sitting or laying in one spot for a long time it’s hard to get up and move. With all the back pain I also started to have heart burn which really kills me at night. Not only is it so hard to fall asleep with that acid reflux, baby is also SO active, especially between 10PM -and 3AM. Not to mention running to the bathroom at least 3-4 times at night.

Sleeping on my back which I love the most wasn’t an option as my pain was getting worse while laying on my back. So I tried to lay more upright and surrounding myself with pillows. Luckily it got a little bit better the last weeks.

33 weeks pregnant:
Heading towards the end I have to admit I can’t wait to meet my little baby boy and I can’t wait to not be pregnant anymore. Carrying so much weight is exhausting, especially when you already have such an active kid at home.
It’s definitely another story being pregnant and taking care of a toddler! I can’t imagine how crazy life will get when baby N. arrives but also I am SO excited to finally meet him.

Things that helped release my back pain:

  • going to physical therapy and strengthen my muscles
  • prenatal massages
  • not carrying my toddler as much as I used to do
  • laying on my side and support myself with pillows
  • engaging my core whenever I bend, roll, sit up etc.
  • staying active as much as I can

35 weeks pregnant:
…and feeling a little better! My pain didn’t get worse (yay!), also I managed to control the heartburn with some medicine! I slept really good last night and only went twice to the bathroom – it’s hit or miss! Also we had a few photoshoots last week and I’ll still have one maternity photoshoot coming up this week – I can’t wait to show you some bump pictures since I haven’t got the chance to take a lot this time.

ALSO we had an ultrasound yesterday and baby’s head is already down (and suuuuper low!) Let’s hope he’ll stay in my belly at least 3 more weeks!
Getting the last things done for the nursery, trying to soak in all the 1:1s with Raphael, trying to rest up and get as much sleep as I can.

Let’s get ready!


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