2020 – You are here!

It’s been an amazing year although the last few weeks in 2019 were quite exhausting, since we all got sick. We all suffered from a cold virus and had a bad cough for over weeks. I’m glad we are all better now!

I’d like to reflect on all the moments that happened in 2019. Man – this year flew by! I can not believe that my baby is turning 2 years old in less than 2 months.

What happened in 2019:

  • We traveled to Germany to visit our family and friends when Raphael was 11 months old – the flight was exhausting because he didn’t sleep at all.
  • Raphael turned 1, unfortunately we had to cancel his birthday party because of an allergic reaction. We ended up spending that day at the ER. Click here to read more about what happened!
  • Raphael had his first music class and first playgroup class!
  • He started to walk with 13 months, not even a week later he was already running
  • We found out that I am pregnant. Our baby boy (little N.) is due March 2020 and we are super excited to be a family of 4 VERY soon
  • Our families and a few friends came to visit us in our new home in Ann Arbor
  • We started a weekly swim class with Raphael.
  • We spent one week in Gatlinburg, Tennessee with my parents.
  • Raphael had his first haircut
  • We hired a nanny for a few hours a week
  • We did a road trip to Chicago over the Christmas holidays
  • Raphael made some new friends, and so did we 🙂

Looking back on the headings and wishes for 2019:

√ More daily routine for Raphael (and the 3 of us as a family). We established a solid routine (nap and nighttimes) and I am so glad that 2019 was a little more quiet with less traveling. We definitely needed it!

√ Improvement in Raphaels eating habits. It is still challenging with ups and downs BUT a lot better than a year ago, we started to give him reflux medicine (because he was throwing up almost after every meal), which he took for half a year. We got him off this medicine and he’s eating a lot better now.

√  More time for other things that are important to me: maybe getting back to teaching yoga, do weekly blogposts and practice more self-care. Working on it, but a HUGE improvement is that I finally got some help with Raphael. We started to bring a nanny home for a few hours a week. And it was the best decision – I couldn’t be happier. We found the perfect fit! We love you, Meg!
I am so glad that I can take a few hours to myself before Baby no. 2 arrives.

√  Going on a date with Mark – just the two of us. We had a few date nights ever since our nanny is watching Raphael.

Heading and wished for 2020:

  1. To see my family more often because I miss them a lot. However it’ll be a lot harder with 2 kids (considering they all live in Germany)
  2. Letting go of things I can’t control
  3. More time to cherish my marriage
  4. Finding a balanced way back to workout regularly. Something I really need for myself.

And the last thing: Letting go of fear – fear of change. Funny, because our life is changing constantly and you must think we should be used to it by now. But it is still NOT easy to find myself in a balanced state (expatlife – being a mom – wife – individual…)
I don’t want to be scared but I want to TRUST in my journey, I want to TRUST that it’ll fall into place. And what also comes with that is trusting in myself. Being kind to myself and acknowledging positive and negative feelings. Not feeling guilty about how I feel and let it pass.
So I guess TRUST is my 2020 word.

I hope you had a wonderful 2019!
2020 – Let’s do it!

Happy new year, my friends!

Photos by Amy Diebold


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