What toys do our kids really need?

I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot ever since being a mom. And in a world full of influencer and mom blogger and being actively involved on some kind of social media platform you will get exposed to TONS of products every day – one reason I reduced my social media time, just in case if you have wondered why I didn’t do stories or a lot of posts on Instagram lately.

As a hobby „blogger“ I really enjoy posting whenever I want, what I want and how often I want. Right now my priority is definitely not showing regular social media presence. However, I do like Instagram, sometimes more, sometimes less. I like the opportunity to share and get inspirations. Being a mom to a toddler I do follow lots of mom bloggers who do share some helpful tips – sometimes. However I feel like it’s getting more into a mainstream, collective spam promoting expensive toys and products for kids which no one needs! And if you get so much input each and every day it’s hard to filter out the stuff you really need.

When I look at popular mom bloggers and their kids rooms, what I see is a perfectly designed and organized room. Toys, either colorless (plain wood) or pastel colors because they match the nursery furnitures. Ball pits which cost a fortune, wobble boards and stylish modern rugs.
They look dreamy, they look organized, they are full with expensive stuff and they’d probably win a price for best kids interior design.

Does your child need this? I am sure they don’t! Raphael is turning 2 in a few months and what I’ve learned since being a mom is that kids don’t need a lot of toys. Don’t get me wrong I love shopping and shopping for my kid AND interior design (!!!) and Mark and I do get into arguments once in a while when talking about what to buy and what’s really necessary. He’s definitely more minimalistic than I am – and I am SO glad he is (not when we argue about it tho -ha! But often times he was right)

Because in the end it doesn’t matter if your child has a kitchen which costs $200 or $50. Raphael loves his IKEA kitchen, especially climb on it.

He loves the simplest things, such as packaging, water bottles or keys. Things we need and use daily – that’s the most interesting. Doing what we do. “Helping” me reorganizing my kitchen cabinets, doing the laundry and trying on daddy’s shoes.
We bought a jungle gym, which wasn’t cheap but definitely the best investment for my little monkey. Also he’s totally into cars and still loves his stacking boxes! It’s up to you what you end up buying and what your child is attracting to. What I want to say is, they definitely don’t need ALL of the stuff that’s out there.

Some of Raphael’s all time favs:

  1. Self-made water bottle rattle: We put some noodles and aluminum foil in an empty water bottle. He loves it. When he was younger even more than now, but he still grabs it sometimes!!
  2. Big, empty packages, to hide in, to climb on to use it as a freeway (on top) or garage for his cars.
  3. ABC- Letters: I bought the alphabet for the bathtub, a few letters are in the bathtub, the rest is in an empty box. He LOVES to empty the letterbox, sort them, call a friend with a letter and put them back in to the box. He can literally entertain himself for 30 min with just the letters and the box. And I have to add he is not the sitting-still-kind-of-toddler.
  4. Stacking boxes. We got it as a gift from my cousin. Started to play with it 1 year ago, and still loves it.
  5. His mini truck. We don’t have a lot of cars (I probably want to buy something for Christmas tho) but he is totally into his truck, which can dump stuff, make the engine start noise, the parking noise and the horn noise! He LOVES it!

Of course there are other things he loves, such es reading animal books, throwing balls, dancing etc…but I think you got the message. They don’t need a bunch of toys, and definitely not a new one every week – even though it’s tempting!

Tips for keeping it interesting: Hide a few toys away for 4 weeks and then change – rotate your toys.
ALSO you can rotate toys with friends. That way they’ll have “new” toys once in a while and you won’t pay a fortune on them!

Happy playing and keep in mind that your child won’t remember how many toys they had (or if their room was perfectly designed) but the time you spend together, the moments you make and the love you give them!


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