Sunflowers and a special announcement

We are so excited to share with you that baby no. 2 is on the way and we are super excited to be a family of 4 soon, also a little bit nervous how life will change with two crazy babes – haha!

Since it has been really crazy lately I haven’t post anything on my blog and I really want to change that – because I really miss sharing my thoughts, adventures and daily-life-chaos with you.

We’ve been through a lot the last few weeks. Besides being pregnant and suffering from nausea, cramps and fatigue I also have to deal with a crazy 1,5 year old (yes, he is already 1,5! Isn’t that so crazy?) going through his 18 months sleep regression. And me being sick for over 2 weeks really did not help AT ALL. Raphael is such an active toddler who just can not sit still, not even for 3 seconds. I remember when I felt sick in my first pregnancy I just focused on resting and eating my meals in small portions. Now it’s kind of hard to take good care of me and the baby while chasing after Raphael.

Before I did a pregnancy test I already had the feeling that I am pregnant. The funniest thing is my best friend who lives in Germany just told me (like 2 days before!) that she tested positive and I was sooooo thrilled (and upset at the same time because I couldn’t be there in person to hug her!).

Two days later I held my own second positive pregnancy test in my hands. Mark was freaking out – in a positive way. He couldn’t stop jumping and smiling while I was still sitting on the couch starring at the test which shows a big plus on the screen, still feeling a little bit overwhelmed but so happy and blessed!

A few days later we already talked to our parents and siblings who are living in Germany. And having family to share such special news with makes it even more beautiful.

We can’t wait to meet our little one next year! And I still can’t believe that Raphael is going to be a big brother soon!

Stay tuned for updates! Also we’ll have some travels, family and friends gatherings and a few photo shoots coming up. I’ll try to keep up with and share lots of it with you guys!

And in case you guys are wondering: Baby is due March 2020.


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