5 newborn Must-Haves!

  1. An endless white noise machine: Definitely the first thing that comes to my mind when asking me what to buy for a newborn. Raphael is sleeping much better after I got a white noise machine. In the beginning I only used it for nap times but now also during nighttimes – lifesaver!
  2. Big Muslin Swaddle blankets: We swaddled him until he was 3 months old! Otherwise he wouldn’t sleep. That way he felt cozy and snuggled up such as he was used to it, in my womb. I used the one from Aden and Anais, in my opinion the best swaddle blankets, they are so soft, even softer after the first wash. Also you can use it as a cover for your carseat or for nursing in public.
  3. A baby wrap carrier. It will make your life so much easier. I used the Moby Wrap and I liked it but putting it on was a little complicated. The material is super soft and stretchy and Raphael loved being close to me when he was younger. Now that he is older I like a different one better. We use the ergo baby adapt carrier now!
  4. Nose suctioner: Lifesaver! Raphael was congested quite a lot. Even though he didn’t like it at all, it helped (what also helps when babies have a cold: Saline drops, and putting a pillow underneath his mattress!)
  5. A baby bouncer. Really nice if you want to put your baby down but still keep him in a “moving” kind of state. We used to bouncer A LOT in the beginning. If I needed to do something I’d put him into the bouncer and I know HE IS SAFE. I can step out of his field of vision for a moment – to go to the bathroom or pack up some stuff – and know that he will be fine for a few minutes.

For moms: Nursing pads! If you are nursing definitely buy A LOT OF pads. In the beginning I was leaking all night. Make sure your other nipple is covered properly with the pad when you are nursing otherwise you’ll have a wet half bra. That happened to me all the time.


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