Raphael’s first time at the ER

Marks sister came here to visit us and to support me fo 2 weeks while Mark was traveling for work. The only day he was in town we wanted to spend some time together and do a day trip to the amish town. After Raphael woke up from his nap I nursed him and gave him some chicken noodles for lunch. He didn’t like it that much and I noticed some red spots around his mouth which I showed to Mark and Hicki (Mark’s sister). 10 minutes later he started to cough a little, so I got worried and I double-checked the label of the chicken noodles he had for lunch – and I saw that the noodles were egg noodles and he might be allergic to eggs! He seemed to do OK and since he has irritations once in a while because of his eczema we decided to pack up everything for our ride. 5 minutes later he started coughing really hard and wouldn’t stop. I was super concerned because it didn’t sound good at all! Right away I tried to get a hold on the allergist but unfortunately it was a Friday afternoon – so they were already closed for the weekend. Seconds later he threw up all the food he ate. Mark pulled the car over. His face was super red and he was covered with vomit all over his body – we tried to clean him up but it was a big mess. We decided to drive home right away. I switched with Hicki who was sitting in the back row with Raphael so that I can be with him. On the way home he started to get a lot of hives and flushed irritations around his mouth and neck. He started to scratch himself and also started to breathe very loud and heavy. Mark stopped the car immediately and put the epipen (which we should always carry with us due to his allergies) into his thigh. He was doing  A LOT better after we gave him the epinephrine dose. Although his breathe became calmer we did call 911 while driving to the emergency room! They basically told us to drive there right away what we already did! 
After we got in

, they put Raphael on the monitor, checked his pulse, blood pressure, listened to his breath. It was so hard seeing him cry and suffer like this. I could not hold it back any longer and now that the first shock had passed, tears were running down my face, I was holding Raphael as close as I could while the nurses were looking for an entry to his veins for an intravenous therapy. With my free hand I was holding Marks hand. He was standing at our sides the entire time. As we explain to the doctor what happened he told us that we did everything right! We reacted fast and used the epipen in the right moment. Clearly Raphael was feeling already a lot better after we gave him the epinephrine dose. But this kind of severe and potentially life threatening allergic reaction which is called Anaphylaxis requires an injection of epinephrine AND a follow-up visit to an emergency room – even though your child might feel better after the injection. 

Symptoms Raphael had after he ate the egg noodles:

  • Skin reactions: hives, flushed and itching skin
  • Caughing 
  • Vomiting
  • Shortness of breath 

 The allergist told us to use the epipen if 2 of an Anaphylaxis symptoms occurs. Although shortness of breath is already enough to use the epipen.
After they did everything that needed to be done and after I nursed him, I tried to rock Raphael to sleep – with all the hoses still connected to him. He had a hard time getting comfortable but after an hour he finally fell asleep on my chest – he was clearly super tired and exhausted and slept for 2 hours! The nurses checked on us regularly. After 6 hours we were free to go home. It is really the worst to see your own child suffering like this, knowing that there is nothing you can do to take the pain away from him – so the only thing we could do was being there for him, all the time. This experience was a hard one BUT we have learned a lot! I remember exactly when the allergist told us to carry such an epipen with us all the time just in case he will have an allergic reaction and how Mark and I thought it might be a little bit overdone and that we will probably never going to need it! I am SO GLAD that we had the epipen with us and that we knew HOW TO USE IT. 

To all moms and dads out there: If your child has several allergies, even if you might think it is not severe, I very much urge you to carry an epipen with you (when your doctor prescribes it to you!) – ALWAYS!! If your child shows symptoms and signs of Anaphylaxis don’t be afraid to use it. It may sound scary but it can safe your childs life. However I hope you won’t ever need it!! 

I am so thankful that we had such great doctors and that everything turned out good – and that Raphael is doing fine!! What a crazy and rough day which we will always remember!


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