Goodbye 2018 – Hello 2019!

As this year has been the most intense, craziest, happiest and most emotional year ever I’d like to look back on that year and review all the moments that happened in 2018 and heading into the new year with lots of new and positive energy.

My life has changed completely and I cannot put into words how grateful I am for everything that happened this year. On March 1st 2018 our son Raphael was born. This was the most happiest day of our life! Since becoming a mom I have gone through so many emotional stages and I have learned so much! Mommy-ing is such a crazy emotional journey with ups and downs and even though there were really tough times and situations I couldn’t imagine my life without my boy anymore who turned our lives completely upside down…. I feel so much joy and love in my heart for my little baby, who will turn 10 months tomorrow!

Raphael, I love you so much and I can’t wait for so many more moments with you!

What happened in 2018:

  • Two friends (Freddy and Jens) came to visit us in the Lehigh Valley
  • Our son Raphael Busch was born on the 1st of March (during a crazy snowstorm and a power outage at our apartment complex)
  • My parents and Mark’s parents came to visit us – but more to visit their first grandchild!
  • I did my prenatal yoga teacher training when Raphael was 10 weeks old and Mark stayed at home with Raphael
  • We traveled to Germany to visit our family and friends (when Raphael was 4 months) and Freddy became Raphael’s godfather
  • We had our first family photoshoot in Germany which was a lot of fun! Thanks again Juli!
  • We spent one week in Mexico with my parents (when Raphael was 6 months) – CLICK HERE to read more about our vacation in Mexico!
  • We had our very first family vacation in the Bahamas – just the 3 of us (when Raphael was 7 months)
  • We moved to a townhouse in Allentown since we needed a bigger place with Raphael
  • We had some visits from Germany at our “new place”: Mark’s sister, my cousin, Mark’s parents, and our friends Hanna and Kevin.
  • We went to the ER with Raphael after he reacted to egg noodles. It was the worst seeing him suffer like this.
  • 2 weeks later we went to the ER again because he didn’t have a wet diaper within 12 h (He had a really bad cold virus, wasn’t nursing good and threw up all the time!)
  • 2 months later we moved unexpectedly to Ann Arbor, MI – because of Mark’s job
  • Raphael had his first road trip from Allentown, PA to Ann Arbor, MI and did pretty good! 4 nights in 3 different hotels. I will write a separate blogpost about the move. It has been a few crazy weeks!
  • Raphael had his first Christmas in Ann Arbor

Looking back on the headings and wishes for 2018:

√  Looking forward to a good labor experience 🙂 I had the best labor experience – at the Lehigh Valley Hospital in Muhlenberg and by far the best support I could have wished for. CLICK HERE to read Raphael’s birth story!

√  Healthy Baby, healthy family! YES! Raphael is such a happy & healthy baby. He is still struggling with finger food at the moment but I am sure he’ll get the hang of it soon!

√ Taking a pregnancy yoga teacher training and a barre training to evolve my knowledge. Even though I did the prenatal yoga training at The Yoga Loft Bethlehem, I did not finish my final exam yet. I want to finish it in January at the latest!

√ Travel to 2-3 new destinations where I haven’t been yet – Alberta, Mexico, maybe a few more states…LET’S SEE! We spent a week in Mexico with my family and also visited the Bahamas! Also we have been to a few more states: West Virginia, Ohio and obviously Michigan.

√ Buy less and more consciously. I did buy less this year, also I sold a lot of stuff I am not wearing/using anymore! Still room for improvement though!

Christmas in Karlsruhe. Raphael does not sleep so well with the time change (I never would have thought that a baby would change EVERYTHING! Working on that blogpost!) and new surroundings so we decided to stay home and enjoy the time – just the 3 of us!

Heading and wished for 2019

  1. More daily routine for Raphael (and the 3 of us as a family)
  2. Improvement in Raphaels eating habits
  3. More time for other things that are important to me: maybe getting back to teaching yoga, do weekly blogposts and practice more self-care
  4. Going on a date with Mark – just the two of us.

I hope you had a wonderful 2018!
I can’t wait for all the adventures in 2019 <3

Happy new year and may all your goals come true!

Here are some happy moments with Raphael in 2018:


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