Raphael’s 1st Christmas

I haven’t been in such christmasy mood AT ALL this year. One week before Christmas we moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan. It has been really really busy the last few months. However, I was excited for Raphael’s first Christmas and the first look on his face when he would see the Christmas tree.

After we arrived at our new house, unpacked and finally moved in completely we got sick with the cold – first Raphael, then me and also Mark.

Two days before Christmas Eve I finally decorated the Christmas tree and wrapped the two presents for Raphael. Mark and I did not really have the time to think about making each other presents. But since the last 2 years Mark and I decided not to buy needless things for Christmas. We don’t find happiness in a house full of stuff but in spending as much time together to create meaningful memories. All we actually just wanted for Christmas are 4 consecutive hours of sleep, but unfortunately Raphael decided not to grant us this present.

Although I definitely wanted Raphael to unwrap some small presents this year. We found a cute sleeping pajama and a xylophone for Raphael. I know, it is way too early for Raphael to play with a xylophone…but time was limited and 1 day before Christmas (and after 2 house movings) I did not find something more useful. He really liked it though! Next year I will be more prepared – for sure!

We had a more or less relaxed day with Raphael in our new home. After his nap we unpacked his presents together – Raphael was more interested in the gift wrapping than in the actual present but it was so fun and unique spending the first Christmas just the 3 of us. Although the original plan was spending Christmas in Germany with our families but never were able to anticipate what impact a baby would have had on our travel flexibility.

Staying home and spending a “quiet” Christmas was definitely a wise decision. We definitely needed time to recharge our empty drained batteries after those stressful couple months.

But still, I am already excited for the next Christmas when Raphael is a little bit older and I will have more time to decorate our home.
I hope you had some restful holidays with all your loved ones.


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