How to create little pauses throughout the day

Life is crazy. Life is busy. We are constantly on the move, working on our to-do lists and running from one spot to another. And sometimes we just forget to take a break because we believe there is no time. But here’s the thing: those little pauses exist. We just need to take a closer look to see and take advantage of them. Here are my tips how to create little pauses throughout the day – to recharge:

The next time you are checking your phone, scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, STOP

…and take a moment for yourself:

• close your eyes

• put 1 hand and your belly and 1 hand on your heart

• take a deep breath in through your nose for a count of 6 

• breathe out gently through pursed lips for a count of 8

• repeat that breathing exercise 3 times.

• ask yourself „how do you feel today?“ and simply listen to your natural breath. Remind yourself that the most important thing right now is not to worry about anything or anyone but taking this time to yourself – to be present.

Deep breathe are like little love notes to your body.

Since I became a mother I am often times so stressed out, annoyed and tired. But instead of being annoyed of things we need to do because we want to move on, we can take advantage of those moments. It’s a matter of perspective and how we can cope with it!

For example:

• waiting for the water to boil: use the time to listen to your breath. Close your eyes and take some big inhales and exhales (might be difficult if you have a little one ;))

• standing in line waiting: instead of being annoyed because you are in a rush, take the time to recharge. There is nothing you can do to catalyze the situation. Take advantage of it and listen into your body. „How do you feel?“ If you are stressed out try to be present and forget about „things you need to do“ – just give your mind a little break.

Activities only become painful when we see them as an obstacle.

• while your baby is napping: instead of working and trying to fit anything into that timeframe (At least during one nap!) – take a break – nourish your body with a few moments to yourself.

..I am sure there are a lot more moments like this.
Being mindful helps being more calm and more relaxed.


Photos by Sabrina Guthier


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