Getting sick shortly before flying to Mexico wasn’t something I’ve hoped for. “What a timing” I thought to myself but let’s be honest – there is never a good timing to get sick! I just had to deal with the situation. Unfortunately it was Raphael who caught a really bad virus a few days before we were going to leave for Cancun. Fever, stuffed nose, nausea. All of that. And I was already super exhausted of solo-parenting the weeks before.

Luckily Raphael was feeling A LOT better on the day we flew to Mexico. No fever, nothing whatsoever. Even though he seemed better he was not fully recovered so we thought he would fuss more but actually he was really calm, content and interested in what was going on.
So surprisingly everything went super smoothly. He slept in the car, was awake during check-in and boarding, slept the first 2 hours of the flight (while 3-4 others Babies we’re crying and fussing around and while I was freaking out because I was worried that he was going to wake up!! LOL ) and was awake and super happy the last hour of the flight.
For our advantage nobody was siting next to us in the 3 seating row so we could leave Raphael in the carseat.

For all nursing moms: They do have nursing pods at some airports now! Since Raphael gets distracted super easily those nursing pods are a lifesaver! Download the “mamava” app to check out all the locations with nursing pods! SO AMAZING!
Thanks Mamava!

After a total travel time of 10 hours we finally arrived at the hotel. A few hours later my parents also arrived at our hotel.

Unfortunately I got sick the next day and developed a high fever and needed to rest for 2 days in bed. Mark, Raphael and my parents were spending some time at the pool and beach without me. They came up for visits and nursing tho! It was hard to keep up my milk supply because I was barely eating. After 2 days I felt a little bit better and we decided that Mark should go diving without me since I was still congested. My parents, Raphael and me spend another relaxing day at the pool. Since we started his first swim lesson pretty early he wasn’t scared of the water at all. He really LOVES to be in the water – just like his parents. However the first few times at the beach he wasn’t so happy. Probably because the waves were pretty high. Also he had a really bad rash from the virus which might has given him a burning sensation in conjunction with the salt water. Because of the heat (and also construction noises – unfortunately!!) we got back to the hotel room for naps and tummy time once in a while.

The last 3 days we managed to see Chichen Itza and the cenote de 7 bocas.
The drive to Chichen Itza was about 3.5 hours long. Luckily Raphael slept 2.5 hours in the car. So that the last hour passed by pretty fast. And he was happy with the toys I brought along. We enjoyed some mayan mexican food and a little show dance before heading out to see those attractions. It was SO HOT and I tried to hide in shaded places which was kind of not easy at all! We stayed for 1.5 – 2 h however Raphael, my mom and I got back earlier to feed Raphael in a cool place. Definitely an impressive place but way too touristic – worth a visit though.

Also we got to see “cenote de 7 bocas” which was really nice! 3 of the 7 cenotes where connected and you could swim from one to another.
My mom stayed over water with Raphael while Mark, my dad and I where discovering the different cenotes. Watch out for mosquitos. There were tons!! But since the cenotes are protected we(the ones that got into the water) weren’t allowed to use anti-mosquito spray. It was a really fun trip. Definitely recommend such a tour. On some of those places they also offer diving – not at this one though!

I know that a lot of parents are scared of traveling with an infant. In the beginning I was nervous about it too. Raphael’s sleep schedule is always kind of messed up on vacation. But isn’t it to be expected? New surroundings, new bed, new company, different smells, etc! Of course he doesn’t sleep as good as usual. And sometimes we ended up having him sleep in our bed. What I learned the last 7 months of being a mom that you have to go with the flow. Mark and I love traveling and we won’t stop making vacations and trips just because we have a baby. You just have to be prepared and organized but at the same time you need to stay flexible and openminded! And even though I am exhausted sometimes I enjoy every trip and vacation we have together. I will write a separate post about some tips (and things you should bring along) that makes traveling with an infant easier and fun!

We had a lovely time in Cancun, hopefully we’ll be back soon, Mexico!

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