Raphael’s Room

Ever since we found out that I was pregnant I was excited for creating and decorating the nursery room. But I guess every mommy-to-be knows what I am talking about! I knew from the beginning which color theme I wanted for this room – grey, white and some yellow highlights – I definitely didn’t want to decorate in blue or pink. I’m not sure when I started to actually buy something for our nursery room (probably around 16 weeks) but in my head I had millions of ideas and inspirations. I wanted to create a perfect and cozy place for our little baby! It was also important for us, that the crib is convertible since he will be grown out very soon and that we can also use it as a toddler crib! All our baby furniture are super classy and easy to combine with the furniture which was already in the room. Since it was an office before and we don’t have enough space to put the table and the couch somewhere else it became an office-nursery room – and the couch turned into a nursing couch! đŸ˜‰

In the beginning I was struggling a little bit with the wall decoration. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go with cute picture frames or wall stickers. I couldn’t find anything for 2 or even 3 months which fit my imagination. But after a long search I found the perfect decoration for our wall (It was so good that I was patient even though patience is not one of my strong points) and I am super super happy how it turned out in the end!

Since we travel a lot Mark wanted to have a world map which he can show and explain to Raphael  – isn’t that so cute!! And I actual found something really cool – a wall sticker world map for kids which we put right over our nursing couch. At first I wasn’t sure if I will like it…I didn’t want to over decorate but I am so glad we bought it – it looks adorable and fits perfectly into the room! I really love it!

Even before Raphael was born I loved spending time in his room.

Here’s the short video about Raphael’s room – I hope you like it as much as I do! đŸ™‚



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