Winter Wonderland


I can’t believe that my due date is TODAY – I was so sure that he will be a little bit earlier than expected but seems like it is super cozy in my belly! 😉
We just went to the doctors appointment and everything seems to be alright. Our little boy is still moving quite a lot and his head is already down since the last 4-5 weeks… but he decides when to see the world! 🙂 I can definitely feel stronger contractions and also some back pain since a week. Also I can feel an inner restlessness and impatience but as long as he is healthy that is all that matters of course! Although there are millions of questions popping up in my head – Is today THE day? It looks like he will be a March baby? Hopefully there is no need for a c-section etc..

So now we are waiting for labor signs to come naturally.

I try to keep myself busy while also trying to rest a lot. Sounds a little paradox but that’s what I kind of do at the moment. I am still going to my fitness class, doing my daily routine but also practice a lot of self-care (take an nap, take a bath etc.)
One big thing we did last week was COOKING! Since we don’t have any family here we did a lot of pre-cooking and pre-baking (2 racks of muffins, a lot of albondigas (meatballs) and also tomato sauce for the freezer) So that we are prepared for the postpartum time when our little one is born. Even though Mark will be home for at least 1 or 2 weeks we wanted to have some freezer meals that we’ll only need to put into the microwave.

Everyday Mark is listening to the heartbeat of our little baby boy – since around 22 weeks! YES he can really hear it – isn’t that so cool!? And we can even record it with the phone!
Every night before going to sleep we also play a soothing sleep melody for him  – it became our daily routine! Even though I’m quite relaxed I’m also so impatient and super excited to meet our little boy!

The other day Mark and I went out for a walk and took some photos. It was close to where we live and I wanted to share a bunch of them here because I just love how they turned out – it looked soooo incredibly beautiful – that is my definition of winter wonderland!

Also check out our short video:



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