6 tips for a healthy and happy pregnancy

Now, I am 38 weeks pregnant and I am really enjoying my pregnancy to the fullest. Looking back on it, I can really say that these few months have been a wonderful time of growing and loving our little baby. At the beginning I felt a little nauseous and tired but before I even past the first trimester it was already gone! I started my yoga teacher training in June 2017 when I found out (on the 3rd day of training) that we were pregnant. Since I didn’t suffer from severe morning sickness I could finish the training and got certified during my pregnancy. Also Mark and I traveled (after around 18 weeks) to several places since I felt comfortable flying – we went to New York, Savannah, Spain, Germany and Dubai. And actually, for me it was the perfect time to travel. But I also know that some people handle it better than others and not everyone is going to enjoy traveling during pregnancy. The last flight from Dubai back home was a little more exhausting since I couldn’t stay seated the entire flight – so it was very nice to have an aisle seat. I could stand up and walk around whenever I felt like moving and whenever I needed to go to the restroom (which you will need to very often when you are pregnant!) Here are my top 6 things which might help you maintaining a happy and healthy pregnancy:

  1. Drink lots of water. I try to drink 2.5 – 3 L water per day! Even when you are traveling. It’s kind of annoying to run to the bathroom all the time when you are on the way but it’s really important for you and your baby – so stay hydrated! Especially in the last trimester it can be helpful because it isn’t untypical that hands and feet start to swell (water inclusion!)
  2. I would definitely recommend to do some kind of activity: prenatal yoga, water gymnastics or whatever you like to do – at least once a week. For me it was the best thing I could have done – keep moving my body throughout my pregnancy! Nevertheless, I know that every body is different and I can only speak for myself here. Definitely listen to your body and don’t overdue while exercising. But since I was always a very active person (dancing/ fitness/ any kind of sports) I just continued to move my body (especially Yoga) during my pregnancy and it really helps a lot. I don’t suffer from back- or any other pain!
  3. Variety of food – Nourish your body with good and healthy food will make you feel better. To be honest eating completely clean and healthy isn’t my thing. I like it healhty but also like to sin! I needed to motivate myself to eat more vegetables which was really hard for me because I’m definitely more the kind of meat-loving-girl. Also I had really unhealthy cravings:
    1. Pizza: I could eat pizza forever each and every day. But that was already to some extend the case before my pregnancy.
    2. Haribo sour bears: I could literally bathe in it.
    3. Chocolate, cakes, ice-cream: I’ve only had that since I’m pregnant and since the last trimester it has become even worse/stronger. But since Mark loves all kind of sweets (especially chocolate and ice cream) I can blame it on him 🙂
      There are a few things you shouldn’t eat when you are pregnant. Make sure to check the list – but don’t stress yourself out!
  4. Eat in smaller portions. The bigger your belly and baby gets the less space is in there. You might want to eat more frequently but in smaller portions. That helps especially when you suffer from heartburn (also no fruits and juice before going to sleep if you suffer from heartburn. Better try a glass milk!)
  5. Practice selfcare! Whatever that might be. Sleep, meditations, prenatal massages, etc. can really improve your life. I’m so blessed that I didn’t have any issues with sleep throughout my entire pregnancy – I’m still sleeping pretty well even though it’s less than 1.5 weeks until my due date (I do have to say that we have the best kingsize boxspring bed with the perfect mattress that met all of our needs – it’s a foam mattress with a super soft layer which has also a cooling technology!). But growing a baby can also be uncomfortable sometimes. So definitely take breaks when you need to, especially in the last weeks baby can be very heavy. If you feel tired take the time to rest. When Baby is there you probably won’t get enough sleep anymore (that’s what people told me :D) – so sleep and rest as much as you can! 🙂
  6. Trust yourself, listen to your body and enjoy the journey. I am so impressed what my body is able to do – and there is nothing comparable than loving and growing your baby!

My due date is getting closer and closer and I am feeling so excited but also a little bit nervous! I can’t wait to meet our sweet little boy!!

To all the mommy’s to be a wonderful pregnancy!



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