New England Roadtrip

We really love to travel the world, explore new places and collecting a lot of memories together in as many different countries as possible. Last year I gave Mark a scratch-off map for his birthday, so he can keep track of all his travels. While I was living in Karlsruhe and never traveled a lot, Mark has almost seen the whole world (Ok – maybe I am exaggerating but he really visited a lot of places, so many more than I did!)

We decided to scratch off all the countries we both traveled to. Since we currently live in the US we want to see as many States as possible! So Mark planned a weekend road trip with starting in New York City, where we spent an evening enjoying the broadway musical Aladdin which was one of my favorite Disney movies when I was younger. I was so thrilled when Mark surprised me with those tickets!! It was incredible!! The same evening after the show we drove via New York State, Connecticut, Rhode Island to Massachusetts where we stopped in Boston for 2 days:

It was my first time in Boston and I really liked it! Since Boston isn’t as big as New York City it has an European fler – you can pretty much walk through the whole city within a few days. There are a lot of small streets with a bunch of restaurants and boutiques. We also walked along the famous freedom trail which is a 2.5-mile walk through historic Boston where you can see all the major sites and monuments! We didn’t see the whole trail but if you want to do the whole thing you will probably need an entire day. But it’s really worth it! And there are so much more interesting things to do in Boston (for example Boston Public Gardens, Charles River, etc…) But since we only spent 2 days there we didn’t get a chance to see all the places.
BUT I had my first cannoli in Boston (at one of the best places for Cannoli – Mike’s Pastry!)- it was good but definitely way too sweet for me! Mark loved it! 🙂

We continued further to New Hampshire and Maine where we made a short break in Kennebunkport and where I had the best lobster soup in my life even though Mark had to force/motivate me to try something lobster-ish because it is THE place to eat lobster! After that we drove through Vermont and New York state back home! It was insane how many miles we left behind us in such a short period of time. Overall it was worth all the driving (in total 866 miles = 1394 km) and we ended up visiting 6 additional states.

Check out our 4K Boston video about the Freedom Trail:
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