We spent our last summer vacation with our parents in Denia, Spain. It’s basically our forth home after Allentown, Karlsruhe and Bonn! At that time I was around 18 weeks pregnant and I think it was my first flight after we found out that we will be soon parents to our little Minipingu. Even though we just saw our families a few months ago it was so good to have them around, especially with this special occasion. And of course under perfect conditions – sunshine, beach and pool. Couldn’t be any better 🙂 Mark and I arrived on a Saturday and his parents picked us up at the airport with Aquarius – the best beverage on earth!!!

To this beverage I need to tell a litte anecdote:

When we just became a couple Mark and I went to Denia for 2 weeks (August, 2015), to spend some romantic intimate time together. On the first day we had some baguette, self-made aioli and self-made pineapple coconut smoothies. Even though Mark told me that there was a weird smell after blending the fruits I couldn’t taste anything bad! I only remembered it was really good! The next day we went out to the “Sunday market” in Denia but after 15 minutes all of a sudden we felt really sick so we decided to go back home. We really didn’t know what was going on so we put ourselves on the couch to rest – Mark on one side and me on the other side. We slept probably around 1.5 h. But Mark looked even more pale and before I could say anything he was gone – throwing up. He felt so much better after he threw up that he convinced me to force vomiting. He gave me a cup of salt water to drink which should make me feel to vomit. But somehow I drank more than I threw up and I felt even worse after that genius plan. Haha! We decided to go to the doctor. The waiting room was too cold so we shared a chair which was standing in the hallway. We must have looked like the worst sick people on earth that the doctor decided to see us right away after she saw us both hanging in there – which was a good decision. I needed an infusion and so did Mark – we got really bad food poisoning. While trying to move him to another room I just heard something bashing on the floor, he almost collapsed. I was so worried but I couldn’t move myself so I had to stay were I was. After I felt a little better I went over to his room to see if everything was ok. And he was doing better. Doctor Henkel asked her husband to bring us some Aquarius since it would enrich our electrolyte levels. And it really did help a lot – ever since that day we are deeply in love with this beverage! Because it’s not only good for your electrolyte levels, it’s also super delicious and refreshing!! (definitely try it when you are in Spain, they also have it in the Netherlands!)

Although we were sick for over a week we had the best time in Spain. It was also the first time we talked about how we would name our kids! And actually our son will have the name we already picked in summer 2015! 🙂

So back to our vacation, September 2017:

While Mark and his father went out for a few diving trips I spent a lot of time relaxing at the pool and talking to Mark’s mom about pregnancy, yoga and other women stuff! Also I did a little yoga and workout session to stay fit during my pregnancy (I will probably write a separate post about how to stay healthy and fit during pregnancy!)
The first day my parents arrived Mark was so thrilled about showing my dad some snorkeling skills that they jumped right into it, but unfortunately they totally lost track of time and my dad caught a cold –  anyhow, it was so much fun! The next days we went to Las Rotas for some family snorkeling sessions, visited Guadalest (a really cute small town in the mountains) and went out for dinner and drinks (non-alcohol drinks for me, of course!)

We had a great family get together!

Here’s a short video about our vacation in Spain (follow our YouTube Channel for more videos!):



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