Tybee Island

I remember exactly that I said to Mark I would miss the beach – that was around August 2017. I feel like this is the only place that really feels like VACATION to me. Just hanging out, tanning in the sun, eating and enjoying the moments of stillness. A few days later Mark surprised me with a mini trip to Tybee Island, a small city near Savannah – it was already booked! I felt so bad that he had the feeling I didn’t get enough vacation time because that is really not true! But he must have taken my words very seriously 🙂

I did a little research what we could do in Savannah/Tybee Island but to be honest I just wanted to get out of my habits and get into the sun. I heard from a few people that Savannah is called “the haunted State” and that there are a lot of haunted houses you can visit. But since I am the biggest scared cat (Check out my Halloween post!) it definitely wasn’t my first choice to spend our holidays in freaky haunted houses.

At that time I was already pregnant (week 14) so I just wanted to do something relaxing, especially after I just finished my final exam of the 200 h yoga teacher training. It was such a cute place to hang out, right at the beach – absolutely perfect. Since it was labor day that place was super packed, probably more than usually, so we had to look a little longer for a quiet and private place which was almost impossible! We had a really good time though – lying in the sun, having lunch at the beach, doing some naps in the middle of the day, having romantic walks along the beach, enjoying the most beautiful sunsets, where we also took a short video and a few pictures of my baby belly which wasn’t really visible at that time – even though I felt like I was bigger. After looking back at the pics I wasn’t that big and you probably won’t see a big bump, especially in this floral dress that I wore – haha! But look for yourself 🙂

Check out our belly bump sunset video:




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