2018 – Off to new adventures!

2018 is coming and I’m super excited, especially because we will be parents to a little man soon!
Holding the positive pregnancy test in my hands this year was one of the most exciting and happiest moment in my life. My belly is getting bigger and bigger and it feels so amazing to grow a human being inside my body! And I am so grateful that my body is creating this new little life. I just love being pregnant and notice how our Baby grows and moves…more and more with every day!

And as something comes to an end I’d like to look back on that year – because it was an incredible and exciting year which went by so unbelievably fast!


What happened 2017:

  • Mark bought me a guitar – a baby taylor!
  • We watched our first Superbowl together and went to a few baseball and ice hockey games.
  • I started to teach a weekly yoga stretching class in February.
  • We went to the Snowball in Bethlehem with Mark’s company.
  • My sister (Dancing on Brooklyn Bridge), Mark’s parents, Mark’s uncle and a few friends came over to visit us in Allentown.
  • We ran our first half marathon together within 2.5 h – just the two of us.
  • I drove a RAM 2500 for the first time and I loved it! I always wanted to drive one of these 2 big trucks (either the Ford F150 or the Ram 2500) since we moved to Allentown and since I saw them the first time here in the States.
  • We traveled to Florida, Las Vegas, New York (6x), Washington DC, Savannah, Boston, Kennebunkport, Spain, Germany (3x) and Dubai.
  • Ever since we moved to the States our goal is to see as many US states as possible while living here – We also have a scratch-off map to keep track of it. Up until now we have been to 22 US States: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia.
  • We had our first helicopter ride together over Las Vegas – by night. It was a surprise from Mark!
  • We bought a new lens for our DSLR camera – WOOP!
  • We got a GoPro5 from my parents.
  • Mark and I had a few couple/styled photoshoots together (Karlsruhe, Bad Herrenalb, Bonn, New York) A lot more projects to come next year!!
  • We saw our first broadway show ALADDIN in New York.
  • We are pregnant with our first child!
  • I had my first baby shower with my girls in Germany.
  • I completed a summer intensive 200 h yoga teacher training and got an international yoga certification! (Yoga Festival Video)
  • I finished creating and decorating my favorite room – our nursery room!! Ever since I hold the positive pregnancy test in my hands I was excited for the nursery room. I just love this place so much and I can’t wait to show you more.
  • I had my first pregnancy photoshoot in Allentown.
  • I had my first crazy black Friday shopping experience.
  • I upgraded my blog – soon there will be also some stuff about motherhood on my blog – so stay tuned!
  • We spent Christmas in New York City – just the two (or should I say just the 3) of us.
  • Mark bought a baby AR (.22 LR)!


Looking back to the headings and wishes for 2017:

  1. √  EAT HEALTHIER More or less! But I still want to put more effort into this!
  2. Learning SPANISH and how to play the GUITAR Still working on it! I started to play a few cords and “All of me” on the guitar and also started with Spanish….but it’s still a loooong way to go. Maybe it will get better because Mark also wants to join for Spanish even though he already speaks a little bit. 
  3. √ DON’T look too often on the PHONE.
  4. √ TRAVEL with Mark to new places and collecting moments and memories together (hopefully soon with our little one!)
    We traveled a lot and there is so much more to see! Next stop will probably be Canada and then finally WITH our little one! 🙂 #babyinside #februarybaby
  5. √ CHALLENGE myself more (fitness) and doing Yoga with Mark regularly after work!
    I tried a lot of new things, one of those things was to start teaching stretching classes and getting Yoga certified! Unfortunately, doing Yoga every day didn’t work out for us. Since we traveled a lot, Mark even more (with his business trips) it is kind of hard to be consistent, to develop a routine but we are working on it – at least on the weekend. 
  6. DANCE more! I’m often thinking about it, but still didn’t find anything yet – unfortunately. BUT I found some other routine which I really love and which is working well for me at the moment! 🙂 


Heading and wishes for 2018:

  1. Looking forward to a good labor experience 🙂
  2. Healthy Baby, healthy family!
  3. Taking a pregnancy yoga teacher training and a barre training to evolve my knowledge
  4. Travel to 2-3 new destinations where I haven’t been yet – Alberta, Mexico, maybe a few more states…LET’S SEE!
  5. Buy less and more consciously.
  6. Christmas in Karlsruhe.

I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Make 2018 even better than 2017 🙂


Photos by Kim Heck and Lisa Kamlowski




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