My Yoga Teacher Training Experience

I never thought that I would EVER teach.

After moving to the US I started to teach a weekly stretching class in really small groups – and I had a lot of fun. Mark and I were also talking about if I should get a yoga certification… but I wasn’t sure and it just stayed something far away in my mind.

A few months later I looked online for yoga teacher training – just out of curiosity. And I found The Yoga Loft in Bethlehem. It took my attention because they offer a summer intensive 200 h program once a year – training will be 10 days in a row from 9 am to 5 pm, then there will be a short break for 2 weeks and again 10 days training in a row. Besides there will be homework assignments, observation classes, a bunch of teaching training and a final exam at the end.

The decision to commit to a teacher training was not an easy one. Especially because I’m pretty new to Yoga. BUT this program was about to start in a few days.  So – a quick decision had to be made. I told Mark about the idea and he was thrilled (actually more than I was at that time!). I struggled a little bit if it was the right time for me and if it’s really what I want to do. I heard that the yoga teacher training would be a huge emotional experience with a lot of ups and downs, especially when you do the summer intensive program. A lot of information, a lot of physical but also mental practice which can be very overwhelming. But in the end I decided to jump right into it, even if I had no idea what to expect and I didn’t practice yoga for a long time.

I was a little bit nervous on the first day and I felt like I wasn’t prepared at all. New to the US, new to Yoga, I felt like I was new to everything when I stepped through the door of the Yoga Loft. And the first day was overwhelming and amazing at the same time.

Of course I had some highs and lows during this time. Some days I felt super happy and energized from training. I wouldn’t stop talking about everything I learned. Other days, I just felt tired and sore and I just wanted to go straight to bed. But in the end it didn’t matter how my body felt because my heart was in the right place and I felt like it was one of the best experience I made in my life! We were a small group of 6 women – honestly, I had the best group I could have hoped for.

Just to give a a brief overview what can be covered in such a 200 h training (I still can’t believe what we did in these 20 days of Yoga Teacher Training):

  • In the morning we practiced about 2 h of yoga, we broke down 3-4 poses (Asana) a day (looking at bodies, how to get into & out of the pose (general form of the pose) and also learning the alignment instructions (action formula cues), recognizing misalignments, etc.
  • We also did hands-on adjustments, learned about the general guidelines of “the language of teaching”, how to sequence classes, sun salutations and a lot more.
  • In the afternoon we usually had philosophy-(meditations, mantras, yoga sutra etc.) and anatomy-lessons and discussions but also physical practice.

These 20 days were full of yoga, laughter, sweaty mornings, muscle pain, good conversations, breathing exercises, long and intensive philosophy discussions, meditations, anatomy slides & Bob, blankets and bolsters all over the whole studio, food exchanges and food sharing, and a lot more

We were literally living in the Yoga Loft, it was like a second family 😉

A big THANK YOU to all our great and talented teachers of the Yoga Loft Bethlehem – Dee, Alysha, Sally, Megan, Carrie, Jessie and Miriam! I wouldn’t have want to do my certification somewhere else than with you! You are such an inspiration to me and I am honored to be one of the summer intensive trainees 2017! I learned so much in this training, not just about yoga, but also about myself. I really had a great time! Also thanks to Lizzie, Courtney, Olivia, Shawn and Mamta who shared their yoga journey with me – you guys rock!

I just got my Yoga Certification last week – so it’s official – I am finally certified!!

Check out the Video about the Yoga Festival Bethlehem on our YouTube channel:


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