12 things I miss about Karlsruhe

Ever since I moved to the states, I first realized the little things I appreciate from where I come from – for example things like Schnitzel or Butter Bretzel! What I miss about Karlsruhe…

      1. Meeting my best friends shortly after we just decided to grab a cup of coffee or have lunch (Schnitzel!) together.
      2. Euphrat Yufka!
      3. Walking through the beautiful city or riding a bike (no need to use a car!).
      4. Being a part of the best dance community and best dance companies and knowing mostly everyone (small town!). Dancing for the Soul of Tina and the Sweet Soul Music Revue as a background dancer and having tours all over Germany.
      5. Hanging out with my study-friends at AKK or Oxford and paying just 3 Euro for a good meal! Although I don’t want to study again. Haha.
      6. Butterbrezeln (1 Euro), Salami Brötchen (2-3 Euro) or Fleischkäse Brötchen around mostly every corner in the city.
      7. German bread!! Actually German food in general (like “Braten und Knödel, Schnitzel und Pommes” or “Käsespätzle”).
      8. Mama’s food!
      9. Dinner with my family and dancing and singing around (at home) while my mom is cooking and my dad is repairing things or watching TV. Haha. Just having them around!
      10. DM, Zara and Mango – since we don’t have these stores here in Allentown. However the deals are a lot better here in the US I still miss it sometimes.
      11. All the crazy and fun photo shoots with all the people I got to know from 2013 to 2016! Looking forward to work with you someday again.
      12. Metric System (no feet and inches) and normal units (no ounces and cups like in the US!).

It’s been a while now….but thank you for the beautiful time in Germany! It was great to see all of you again!! See you soon and lots of love!


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