Las Vegas


I was never the biggest fan of cities like Las Vegas – too many people and just too much of everything – besides, I am a beach person! In April Mark and I went there the first time and it was quite overwhelming – we had a really good week! Most of the time we spend walking around and explore the outskirts… like the Red Rock Canyon.

Day 1: On the first day we strolled around the Las Vegas Strip and took a lot of photos from all the popular places! We walked from the Stratosphere all the way down to the Strip. This took us around 1,5 h and it was sooooo hot! We captured little Venedig of Vegas (The Venetian) and the Caesar Palace that day! It was insane – and really looked like in a movie! On this evening we went to see the Michael Jackson Show and we used Uber for the first time (After we realized that using the taxi is more than double the price!! In Addition Uber is a lot quicker and easier! They should definitely have it more in Germany.) Also we had our first In-N-Out Burger(s) – OH MY GOD – the burgers are sooooo good! We don’t have In-N-Out at the East Coast, unfortunately!

Day 2: Since we wanted to do some outdoor stuff we rented a car for the next few days. Our first stop was the Red Rock Canyon. Actually, we wanted to see the Grand Canyon, but in the end we decided to do that in a separate tour! The Red Rock Canyon is breathtaking – huge, overwhelming and just beautiful – and it’s just half an hour from Las Vegas! This is definitely one thing I highly recommend to all of you who is travelling to Las Vegas! There are a lot of hiking routes and the nature is incredible. No matter from which angle we took a picture it came out just beautiful! After we had some Burgers (again!) for lunch we drove all the way down to the Hoover Dam, which was enormous as well! When you’re standing on that one spot on the Hoover Dam you are the same time in Arizona and Nevada – super funny! Mark and I could not imagine how huge this dam was – damn huge! We got there an hour before sunset. So the light was just perfect – golden hours!

Day 3: We woke up at 7 am (I think Mark at 6 am!!) to get ready for our 2 h drive to the death valley. Mark planned a whole road trip to the Titus Canyon as a surprise – honestly, he’s the sweetest! Since it’s a 8-10 h drive in total and we wanted to be back in time, we needed to get up very early, which was hard for me since I’m not an early bird.
We packed our two salads, some fruits, a few drinks, a bunch of croissants and a lot of water!! It was really hot that day (I think it was the hottest of the whole week!) and we were super excited, because it would be our first off-road-adventure together! After 2 h we finally got there. And there it was – the Titus Canyon sign! I was getting ready to take a lot of photos and videos – I grabbed the DSLR, the GoPro and my phone of course to send a few pictures to our families!! BUT after 100 yards Mark heard a weird pip sound, there was something wrong with the left front tire?! He got very upset and yelled: “This can’t be true! This is not happening!!” He was even more upset because we didn’t get the car he requested. Actually he wanted the Toyota 4 Runner but we ended up with the Jeep Compass instead. Of course we stopped right away to check on that tire! A few minutes later the tire was completely out of air – GREAT! So we had to call Hertz – let’s just say it was a pain in the butt! We were literally in the middle of nowhere – at least we had service with the phone! Bottom line: The only tire store in that tiny town called Beatty did not have the matching tire, so we had to drive all the way back to Las Vegas with 50 miles per hour….and of course we could’t finish our tour!
And that was pretty much day 3!

Day 4: No big plans for this day! Since we didn’t do the other half of Las Vegas, we decided to walk down the other side of the strip. We captured the Bellagio with the huge fountains, little Paris (Le Tour Eiffel and L’Arc de Triumphe) and little New York City (Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty). We also walked through that huge Disney Castle and passed the Luxor Pharaoh Hotel! It was pretty impressive to see all that in just one city! After we had dinner Mark took me on a helicopter tour over Las Vegas (that was my 2. surprise!). It was AMAZING and one of the most beautiful and adventurous things I did so far! The ride was 10 minutes long but for me it felt like 1 minute! It was the shortest 10 minutes of my life! Haha! I have no words for that – it was INCREDIBLE!

Day 5: On our last day we relaxed a the pool and tanned ourselves! After lunch we did a little shopping tour at the Premium Outlet Mall and bought a lot of amazing workout and beach clothing! Since we got a 100 dollar voucher for a steak restaurant, we went there for dinner! And since we both are meat lovers, we ordered the “Parade of meats” – they walked around with meat skewers and you can have whatever you want and as much as you want.  The meat was sooooo delicious but we had to bail out after 20 minutes.
After having that big dinner we went to see “The Mentalist” that night. It was a little short for an evening magic show – but impressive though!

Day 6: Time to say goodbye!! Since we still had a little bit time, and Michelle’s (a good friend of mine) family live in Las Vegas, we went out to have dinner together – at a great local restaurant called Brio. The food was delicious! (@family Rendon: Thanks again for the invitation!)

After that we left to the airport to fly back to Allentown! Thanks Vegas, we had a great time! Check out the Las Vegas video on our YouTube Channel!! 🙂


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