From Model and Dancer to Outdoor and Travel Wife!



I used to say “That is sooooo not like me!” When I lived in Karlsruhe I spent most of my time at the university, at the dance school or doing photo shoots – besides seeing my friends and family! Even on the weekends I spent a lot of time at the dance school to rehearse with my dance company!
So I would say I had a strict activity schedule – and I loved it!

Since I got married, moved to the US and started my “own” life with Mark a lot has changed! I still do a lot of fitness, but I don’t have these commitments any more.
I never traveled a lot because of my busy lifestyle. And because these things were more important to me I never had the time for other things. But that was totally OK before – I liked it. But now I have other priorities in my life. Mark and I travel a lot, we love to travel to new places and try a lot of new things – explore the world together. I bought my first pair of hiking boots! I always hated hiking. Not anymore. The nature here in the States is incredible. There is so much to see and to do here and I am so glad that I threw away my second thoughts that “I’m not a hiking girl” Because that is bullshit! I never really tried it, and now I like to hike and to spent the time outside and enjoy the nature. My first hike with Mark was great, we got lost and hiked around 5 to 6 hours!! Even though I should hate hiking after this first experience, we actually had the best time out there! (Next on my adventurous activities list: canoeing!!)

“I hate running!” Everyone who knows me knows that I don’t run at all. I just don’t! Since Mark is at his office the whole day he appreciates any second outside. So he convinced me to go for a run with him after work – at least once a week (In addition we go to the gym on the weekend!) There is a beautiful park just 5 minutes from where we live – perfect running condition! At first I wasn’t motivated at all and I wasn’t sure if I could keep up with Mark, because I never did it! We started with 1 round and then 2 and 3…. I noticed very quickly that I was getting better and better! It was still a pain in the butt for me! But now I like the fact that I’m capable of running 1 hour or even more – which I never thought would be possible! A few weeks ago Mark and I ran half a marathon together (Mark ran with my rucksack carrying out water supply and additional weights strapped around his ankles!) When I woke up that morning before the run, I was so grumpy because I knew what was coming. On one hand I was tired before it even had started but on the other hand something deeply inside of me just wanted to go ahead and do it! A half marathon are 21,1 km. We ran 2 h and 36 minutes! That was my very first time and I am so proud I did it – Mark even more!! I don’t know if this will happen anytime soon again, but I did run a half marathon (Click here for the video)! At least, once in my life! So whatever you think you can’t achieve. Don’t think. Because you can!!

I had (still do!) a lot of fun standing in front of a camera and doing photo shoots. Since I lived my entire life in Karlsruhe, I pretty much know the photo community there and I had a lot of photographers to work with! It was always a fun time and I miss it! Back in these days I used to say “I can’t take good photos myself!” and I had no idea how all this editing stuff works. BUT actually things had changed! My dad gave us a DSLR cam for our birthdays last year!(Danke, Papa!) Since Mark has always been a good photographer AND videographer he helped me with the first steps. We then bought a new laptop and now I am even editing our travel videos all by myself! So just because I never tried it before it doesn’t mean that I can’t do it! And guess what? I love taking pictures, videos and editing them afterwards!! I still need to learn a lot, but getting started is a good start!

“I’m not a good writer!” And now I have a blog and it is so much fun! Even if my English isn’t perfect I love updating this blog and I love telling our stories and sharing our adventures with you guys!

And there are soooo many other things!! I’m not saying that I don’t like dancing or doing photo shoots anymore or whatever I used to do before (I’m still doing it!). I just want to say that it is good to keep moving and evolve by trying new things. Even if people don’t know you like that (because you are in that specific box they put you in!)

Don’t put yourself in such a box because you are so much more than that! So don’t be scared to get out of your comfort zone and to try new things! It’s really cool out there!





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