Our RAM story!

I was driving around for some grocery shopping and suddenly a service light turned on. I wasn’t sure if it was something serious. So I waited until Mark came home to tell him about the issue. Unfortunately it was the check engine light! Right away Marks happy smiley face turned into a “Oh-please-not-this-shit-again”-expression. We just sold our old Jeep because he had a lot of issues with the engine system amongst other things. So we drove directly to the Jeep Dealer to check what was going on with our brand-new Jeep Cherokee which we bought just 2 weeks ago. On the way to the Jeep Dealer a lot of other things popped up – service park brake, service 4WD, service tire pressure etc. – we tried to stay calm and to get there as soon as we could. Luckily everything went well and we got there safely! After they looked at our car they decided to keep the Jeep for a few days and gave us a rental car instead.

I was literally freaking out when the guy from the rental car company asked us whether a RAM 2500 or a Ford F150 would be OK, but we could also have something smaller! I always wanted to drive one of these 2 big trucks since we moved to Allentown and since I saw them the first time here in the States – especially the RAM 2500! Every time we saw the big RAM truck Mark said: ” Hey Mini, there is your car!” and I started singing: “Ramanamanamanamanamadingong!” I love this car – it’s definitely my favorite one! There is so much space in the RAM 2500 – including 3 seats in the front and 3 in the back plus a loading area in the back which is also huge! What a funny coincidence that they had exactly those 2 models! “Are you kidding me? Of course, we’ll take the big one!” I answered euphorically. The guy behind the desk started laughing and his colleague said: “I knew it. I saw it in your eyes that you want the big truck. Haha!” So Mark and I ended up driving home with this really reeeaally HUGE RAM 2500!! We couldn’t believe our eyes how big this car was and how small every other car looked next to the RAM 2500! What I love about this truck is that you sit very elevated – higher than in any other cars and the best is you can look over all the cars while driving and literally see everything! Since we didn’t know how long it took to check on our car we decided to do some photos and videos with the RAM, just a few for our funny Allentown memories collection. We ended up taking 3 GB of video material and a lot more pictures of the RAM, Mark with the RAM, me posing with the RAM, doing Barre3 and Yoga on top of the RAM, flowers with the RAM and our other car (the Jeep Patriot) with the RAM. We literally did a RAM photo shoot and it was so much fun posing with this huge car! Also we did a picnic and tanning session in the back of the truck – so neat!! Like a lot of other spontaneous things which came up in our crazy heads – THIS was so RAMdom – but a lot of fun! 🙂

Some rough information about the RAM 2500 Heavy Duty:

  • 5.7L V-8 Hemi Engine
  • 6 speed automatic
  • weight of approximately 2.62 tons
  • horsepower of around 400

And now: Check out the super funny video with the RAM 2500 on our YouTube Channel! Guess which song we chose for our RAM video: The “Rama Lam Ding Dong” Song! My husband edited the video and he loves it





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