What is legal?

Are you kidding me? You can buy a gun in a grocery store but drinking alcohol in public isn’t allowed? Welcome to the US! 😉
There are a lot more legal differences – it’s so funny and crazy how different two countries can be:

1. In the US it’s legal to buy a gun with the age of 18, but drinking alcohol before you are 21 years old and drinking in public isn’t allowed. In Germany you can drink beer when you are 16 (drinking in public is not a problem). But you can’t just walk into a grocery store to buy a gun.
2. There are “no guns allowed” signs in banks, because it’s not obvious that this is a NO GUN place! I’m not kidding! Haha.
3. You can have your drivers license with 16. Americans celebrate their 16th birthday very very big (like the 18th in Germany) – I remember these TV shows on MTV- My super sweet 16!
4. The American driving rules are really confusing:
– using miles instead of km.
– overtaking on the right side is OK.
– right turn on red is allowed, if there isn’t a “no turn on red” sign.
– traffic regulated by many signs, especially stop signs!
– speed limits are posted everywhere on the streets and highways. In Germany no speed limits on some Autobahns.
5. In PA you don’t need to wear a helmet for riding a motorcycle. But you have to use your safety belt when driving a car which isn’t required by law in some other States.
6. Kinder Surprise (Kinderüberraschungsei) isn’t allowed in the US – kids can have a gun instead!


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