New York, New York!

After my 3rd time in New York it’s about time to make a post about that crazy huge and sleepless city. Actually, I really don’t know where to start. Since Mark and I live in Allentown, it’s just a 1.5 h drive to New York and I guess it’s a good place to bring family and friends from Germany there! This time my sister Jenny was in town, so we spent a few days in New York before she went back to Germany. And there are a lot of beautiful things to do – like the Empire State Building or the Rockefeller Center also known as the Top of the Rock. The advantages of getting on top of the Rockefeller are that you can actually see the Empire State Building and it isn’t that pricey. The view is fantastic either way! For a NYC skyline view you should definitely take a ferry cruise or a helicopter ride over New York City! Mark and I didn’t do the helicopter ride yet, but we would love to do that someday!! And there is so much more to see…..Wall Street, Battery Park, Central Park, Grand Central Station etc.

To get to New York we drove from Allentown and took the Staten Island Ferry which is free of charge. When we got there we took pictures of the fearless girl starring at the Wall Street bull. For lunch we went to SHAKE SHACK of course – one of the best burger places I know. In addition they have the best lemonade! That place is always so insanely packed and it’s really hard to get a free table – but it’s so worth it! After having burgers and a lot of fries we explored the Brooklyn Bridge (one of my favorite icon places) and this time it wasn’t crowded at all – lucky us! All of a sudden Mark remembered that we talked about the funny Tom Cruise dance scene from Tropic Thunder… and he pushed us to dance silly to “Low” on the Brooklyn Bridge – without music. It was so bad!! And the bridge was so icy and slippery. We had the funniest time out there – even though we were freezing our butts off! Check out the funny dance video on our YouTube channel.

And finally after 2,5 h we crossed over to Brooklyn and looped back over Manhattan-Bridge all the way over to Chinatown.

Since Mark and I didn’t get the chance to see the High Line Park of New York yet – AND it’s still on our NYC bucket list – we went there together with my little sis. It’s a 1.45 miles long public park built on a rail line elevated above the streets of Manhattan. We enjoyed the sunset while walking along that beautiful park. It was amazing! Last but not least: TIMES SQUARE BY NIGHT – every time a great experience again. This time we got some nice last minute deals on a side-Broadway show called “The Fantasticks” – a super funny and cute musical in a small but lovely theater. It was hilarious!


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