Decorate Your Home – Easter Edition!

Ever since Mark and I have our own home I am addicted to interieur design. It is so much fun decorating your home and make it even more comfortable and beautiful! There are so many amazing stores where you can find everything you need to be creative, especially here in the US – they are going nuts!
After I realized that my Christmas tree (…and other Christmas decoration!) has to go by February at the latest I startet to collect some ideas for my next little DIY project. I had a good excuse to go nuts buying some new decorative stuff  BECAUSE it’s Easter…. in 1.5 month! Haha. While my sister was visiting us for 2 weeks we did a big shopping tour at Home Goods and Hobby Lobby. I really wanted to blow out and paint some eggs because I haven’t done this since FOREVER and neither has my sister Jenny.

So if you are still looking for some last minute Easy-Easter-Decoration just go get

  1. A vase
  2. Some branches (or wherever you want to hang your eggs on)
  3. 10 eggs and a bowl
  4. A screwdriver or a nail (to put a hole in your eggs)
  5. Permanent markers (I picked black and gold)

All you have to do now is carefully pierce your eggs with a screwdriver or a nail (top and bottom). The holes need to be made bigger, so you can get the egg contents out. Now set up a clean wide bowl to catch the egg white and yolk. Hold the egg right above this bowl when you’re blowing. Make sure to wash and dry them thoroughly. After that you are ready to paint your eggs! We only used black and gold permanent markers (cause I wanted to have “modern and classy” eggs that matches to my living room) but you can also use acrylic paint to decorate your eggs – live it up! Even Mark joined us for painting our eggs – it was a lot of fun… And I really do love our easy self-made Easter decoration even if it’s nothing fancy!

So close Facebook, Instagram or wherever you are stuck, throw away your phone, get out and do something fun and creative!




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