Sunset in Florida

Sunsets are always something magical! Especially this one -breathtaking! These pictures were from a couple weeks ago when we spent a few days in St. Petersburg, Florida. After driving around for a little while we discovered a cute little bar at the beach with beautiful live guitar music!! In addition they played a song from one of my favorite bands “The Carpenters”. THAT was the perfect place to relax and to close the day – burgers, sweet potato fries, lemonade, good music, beach, a wonderful sunset and the most amazing person by my side. That’s all I need!

We were just sitting there, listening to the good music and watching everyone come to the beach to watch the sun go down. They had a few hammocks between the palms for the lovebirds – with the best view ever! I can still smell the ocean and feel the soft breeze on my skin – it was a beautiful moment – MAGIGAL!

P.S.: Sorry for the bad quality – we didn’t have our DSLR with us!



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