My first HALLOWEEN in the States


  1. I’m the biggest scared cat in the world. I can’t watch a horror- or psychothriller movie without having my hands or a pillow in front of my face – I can’t even watch the trailer! BUT it’s Halloween season – and it’s really a big deal here in the US. You can find Halloween stuff everywhere and especially for adults there are a lot of costumes – even more than for kids. We have a really huge amusement park just 5 minutes from where we live and there was this special event – called Halloween Haunt! And THIS event was so scarily intense and real!! I was literally freaking out, almost crying (I’m not joking!) I really don’t understand how people can bring their 7 years old kids to this event – or even their babies!
    They had 11 “scary haunted houses”, where you could walk through in small groups! The first “horror-attraction” was called “Corn Stalkers”and I was more or less relaxed because I didn’t know what to expect – “It can’t be that bad, when parents come here with their children to have fun – I mean, it’s a fun park, so it’s supposed to be fun! Right?” And I was soooo wrong. The minute I stepped into that first house I knew that I won’t have much fun tonight. Haha. They had a lot of small rooms (where you had to walk through) with freaky people in even more freaky and scary costumes – and they looked SO real! I felt like I was in my own horror movie which was never going to end. But I could’t just close my eyes to get through it. I had to move on – with my hands in front of my eyes and Marks arm as a human shield. That must sound so crazy but it was really intense – there was flesh hanging from the ceiling, people jumping in front of you out of the dark, sick and crazy people wondering around (like in a mental institution) and it was so hard for me to get through all that craziness (even though I knew it’s just theater – btw they had brilliant actors!). They were screaming at you, jumping around and they really scared the shit out of me. I was so glad when we got out of this first attraction – 1 down BUT still 10 to go! I was sweating all the time! The next attraction was called “Urgent Scare” – genius name! And even more freaky genius when we finally got into that house. This was like a REAL psych ward – insane people, people with amputated arms and legs, a lot of body parts lying around and it was so scary. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. It was a crazy experience – hopefully  a once in a lifetime experience for me! Haha. And there were so much more attractions – like “Chambers Of Horror”, “Grave Walkers”, “CarnEvil” and “Blackout”. I was very happy when we got home after this crazy first Halloween-evening at Dorney Park! And for the record: I didn’t do all attractions!
  2. Fortunately, we also did some fun Halloween-things like PUMPKIN CARVING – Woooop!! It was my first time and I had so much fun. I didn’t know and I couldn’t imagine that pumpkin carving is way more work than it actually looks like! Check out our homemade crazy and scary pumpkins in this YouTube video!
  3. Also we went to that funny event called “Lehigh Valley Zombies”. We were driving around on a truck with a small group of people to hunt zombies (…to safe the world! HAHA). It was a kind of “Paint Ball Zombie Shooting” – sounds super weird and random AND it probably is: We had a lot of fun though!



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