20 facts about me

Since I enjoy reading those kind of posts, I want to share with you some random and funny facts about myself!

  1. I’m a Vietnamese girl, born in Karlsruhe, Germany – however I’m 1/4 Chinese and 1/8 French. I’m kind of mixed… but actually 100 % German.
  2. I had a lot of hobbies when I was younger. I played the piano for 9 years, played Tennis for 3, and doing Dance Aerobic for 1.5 years. I startet with Modern Dance and Tango Argentino when I was 15 years old, with 21 years I startet with Jazz Dance and I joined a Jazz Company for 5 year. Also I was a background dancer for a Tina Turner Tribute Show for 4 years. Before I moved to Allentown I joined a Reggeaton Company.
  3. I used to model a lot – small jobs and a lot of free work (published: Institute MagazineHochzeitswahn, Digital PhotoDark Beauty Magazine (photo by Michael Magin, photo by Tim Cavadini and photo by Marina Schneider-Moog) etc.)
  4. I’m a Chemist. I finished my Master in Chemistry in October 2015.
  5. I love watching movies, especially action movies but also I like romances (favorite action movies: Italian Job and The Recruit – favorite romances: Love, Rosie and The Holiday).
  6. My favorite series is definitely 24! Just in case you missed my “About post”. It’s really the best! Aaaand the new season will be released after the Superbowl – OH YESSS! Can’t wait!!
  7. I’m a late sleeper, it wouldn’t be a problem to sleep 10 h every night! Sometimes I feel like sleeping is a hobby for me. Haha.
  8. I listened to Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys when I was a teenager – and still do sometimes!
  9. I love Reggeaton and Bachata music – actually Latin music in general. Even alone at home I love to sing and dance around. Haha.
  10. I don’t eat a lot of candies or chocolate – but I love meat! AND Oreos 😀
  11. I love Schnitzel and Pommes!
  12. 10 years (between 15-25) I went out a lot and now it seems like I turned into a couch potato. However I have the best time of my life!
  13. Until I was 25 years old I lived in just one city and now it seems like I’m traveling more than anyone I know.
  14. When there is something I don’t like, I want to change it IMMEDIATELY – If that’s not possible, I get very upset.
  15. When I’m hungry I can get very grumpy! But just sometimes!
  16. I don’t like olives, radishes, pickles and beans. And I don’t like sparkling wine – at all!
  17. I need easy-going plants, otherwise I’ll forget to water the plants and they’ll die. I’m not the best gardener. Even though I love flowers!
  18. When I want to buy new Jeans, I come back with a pair of shoes or workout clothing (yoga pants, sports bra etc.)
  19. I’m fallen for garlic and cheese. And steaks of course…Hell, yeah – I love food! You must think I’m eating all day. Haha.
  20. I love calendars, note books and all the beautiful paper stuff! Also I’m totally into interieur design and decorative stuff.

Photos by Sabrina Guthier


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