Exactly 1 year ago we spent a week in Hurghada – the first time for both of us in Egypt. It was more or less a spontaneous decision – we saw this incredible deal on “secret escapes” and we booked this trip within a few hours – besides who doesn’t need vacation 😉
Our hotel resort was so huge and amazing! We had 3 normal restaurants, 2 beach restaurants and even a cocktail bar in the middle of the pool. We ended up having a pretty busy week in Egypt with lots of activities:

  1. Snorkeling at the Coral Reef Garden: One of the hotel manager told us that this is the “snorkel place to be”. Since it was Off-Season we were the only group of snorkelers out there – I didn’t get to see a sea turtle though and I was sooooo disappointed.
  2. We also booked an entire day trip which included a quad tour, a camel ride, lunch, a Bedouin village tour, a spider-car ride, dinner under the open sky and a music and dance show! We had such a great time out there.
  3. Swimming with dolphins: Usually you can find dolphins in a group – but we only saw 1 lonely dolphin swimming around. He was alone all over the time – it was so funny that we gave him the name: LOLPIE (Video) for loner dolphin. Haha! That was my first time swimming with a dolphin. It was incredible and so much fun – as I was swimming right next to him, I felt like I was a dolphin too! When I got out of the water I was starving…
  4. Diving in the Red Sea: It was the very first time for me and I barely could’t sleep because I was sooo excited and nervous at the same time. Mark got certified a few years ago, he had around 60 dives and is totally into diving. Since he knows that I love the sea, swimming and snorkeling – he was even more excited to show me the underwater world. It was so windy and the currents were very strong that day. But when I finally got into the water I felt like I was flying (it was so calm and relaxing!) – I didn’t feel the current at all. The water was warm and the view was insanely amazing. I never expected the underwater world soooo colorful and beautiful and I did not realize that there is so much life underwater – It was truly one of the most magical experiences ever. After these 2 dives I definitely wanted to get scuba certified – and I did! Last year before we head out on our honeymoon in Grand Cayman! Check out this dive video on our YouTube Channel!


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