Why Mini Pingu?

He calls me “Mini” and I call him “Pingu”. Why Mini? Well, because I’m mini, with 5′ 3” I’m not the tallest girl. Why Pingu? It’s a German abbreviation for penguin. Since he always wears either a business suit or a wet suit (penguins are always well dressed!).

Here a some of my favorite memories with my pingu 🙂

  1. When we first met at the university. He was my lab supervisor. Since the beginning there was this chemistry between us.
  2. Our first weekend getaway to the Neuschwanstein Castle in south Germany. We had the best wellness hotel with even our private sauna. We challenged ourselves eating Schnitzel und Pommes for every single meal in a row – I had to bail out after the 5th!
  3. The first vacation in Spain – just the two of us! Lying on our floaty in the pool every day and almost died because we got food poisoning.
  4. Sitting on the roof of the house in Spain and watching the stars together – after he told me that I kissed his soul (Happy tears!).
  5. When Mark asked me to marry him. It was on top of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, the view was incredible! I was crying and I can’t barely remember what he was saying because I was sooooo happy – it was perfect!
  6. Saying “I do” and having my family and best friends there – 12/04/2015.
  7. Moving from Munich (via Vietnam and Kentucky) to Allentown with over 6 bags each and having the first fun evening in our new apartment with nothing else except our 65 inch TV from best buy (which we bought the same day we arrived – it was Friday the 13th).
  8. Our roadtrip to the niagarafalls (it was a surprise from Mark, I had no idea where we were heading) – 4 days, 3 different hotels and a lot of fun! Btw the niagarafalls are insanely huge and AMAZING!
  9. Sitting in front of the oven with a beer (which was disgusting, because we didn’t know which sort of american beer is good. Haha!) watching our first homemade pizza baking. THIS moment was absolutely perfect – I’m still getting goosebumps when I think about it.
  10. When I got my first “Pingu Spa” at home – A foot bath in our lovely bathroom with a lot of candles (Candlelight foot bath. Haha!). Served with my favorite tea, followed by a full body massage – that was the best spa EVER!
  11. Eating our first homemade garlic cheese fondue and didn’t have a real conversation because the food was too good! (Same with our first homemade Steaks!)

Photos by Vianne Photography


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