It’s a little late for a recap on 2016. But a lot of things – good things – happened last year (personally) and I am so grateful to have the best family and the most amazing person by my side.

What happened 2016:

  • Mark and I moved to Allentown (for a few years).
  • We had the most wonderful wedding party with all our friends and family in Germany (even though I planned the whole event from Allentown and the actual location cancelled 2 weeks before!)
  • We traveled to Spain, Egypt, Lichtenstein, Austria, Switzerland, Vietnam, Canada, New York, Washington DC, Kentucky, Tennessee and the Cayman Islands.
  • We had First Class seats on our home leave flight to Germany – for the first time and probably the last. Haha.
  • We bought two Jeeps and a HK pistol (so American, I know!)
  • First time I went to a shooting range (shot a pistol, an AR and a shotgun!).
  • We startet our Blu-ray/ 4K/ 3D collection! WOOOP!
  • I startet with Barre3 (honestly, the best workout for the whole body – (I would love to bring Barre3 to Germany when we move back – or even open a studio – who knows!)
  • We bought 2 fitbits to work out together and to keep track of it
  • I got my first pair of hiking boots.
  • I had my first vacation in the Caribbean (read more: Cayman Island post)
  • I got certified for scuba diving at dutch springs and got my own gear.
  • My parents and Mark’s sister came to visit us in Allentown.
  • I learned how to take photos with a DSLR, how to use Photoshop and edit Videos.
  • I startet a BLOG, obviously 🙂
  • We startet a Youtube Channel with all our adventures. Check it out!
  • We had our first Christmas in Allentown – just the two of us. And a lot of cheese fondue 😉

Headings and wishes for 2017:

  1. EAT HEALTHIER: And I don’t mean having a diet or eating low carb. No. I want to eat lots of vegetables and fruits, even if I really love meat (Steaks!) Trying more recipes (cook more!) and avoiding trashy food! And drink a lot more water!
  2. Learning SPANISH and how to play the GUITAR. There are so many things I wanted to do since last year or even the year before. I want to take the time for new things and really try to be consistent. I will start my first Spanish lesson tomorrow!
  3. DON’T look too often on the PHONE. Even though my family and friends live in Germany, and I really try to be in touch with everyone (which is impossible) most of the time….I want to focus MORE on my life here in Allentown.
  4. TRAVEL with Mark to new places and collecting moments and memories together (hopefully soon with our little one!)
  5. CHALLENGE myself more (Fitness) and doing Yoga with Mark regularly after work!
  6. DANCE more! Unfortunately I didn’t find a good dance school yet. I used to dance every day (Jazz, Modern and  Reggeaton) and I really miss it (also I miss my two dance companies from Karlsruhe!).

I wish you all the best for THIS YEAR – Make 2017 full of love, trust and compassion!


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