Bigger is better?!

Could you ever imagine buying a 4 liter milk container at a German grocery store?

The first thing I noticed when I moved here was, that everything is so much bigger in the US. The cars are huge, the parking spaces are gigantic and the streets are a lot bigger than in Germany with even more lanes. Even 1 day before Christmas, you wouldn’t run out of parking space while going for last minute shopping – there is always a free spot. Since there isn’t a fast lane (like the left lane in Germany), driving is more relaxed. However the road quality isn’t that good. Sometimes there are huge potholes in which a SMART car could fully disappear in – literally! 

An American portion at a restaurant is triple the German portion. The package sizes you can buy in a grocery store are even bigger (especially at Costco). It’s a lot cheaper to get a family pack than a small one. If you aren’t used to those jumbo sizes, it’s very surprising and overwhelming how big and heavy these packs can be – especially for me!

USA has definitely the bigger beds and honestly they are the best. I love our huge king size box-spring bed. I really don’t like these thin and soft German mattresses. In this respect I’d definitely say: bigger is better! Even if changing the bed linen is like doing a workout for me, I wouldn’t want to sleep in another bed anymore – ever! Check out this funny video of me changing the linen.
I really need a lot of space to sleep (I’m all over the place), I always grab the whole blanket at night and tug myself in (doesn’t matter how big it is…poor Mark, he’s left in the cold!) So it’s definitely a good thing to have a big bed if you sleep like me 🙂

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